2020 CNY Car Rental Tips

2020 CNY Car Rental Tips

Chinese New Year is a time of celebration; having good conversations over good food. However, as most will agree, the festive period may not exactly be smooth-sailing. Think battling the milling crowd at Chinatown, snaking queues for Bak Kwa and the much dreaded spring cleaning. As we usher in the Year of the Rat this January, the deadline to get everything prepared seems to have been preponed. We have barely caught a breather since the bustle of Christmas gatherings before being swept up in the frenzy to get the Chinese New Year festivities in order. It seems as if life is waving us on, shouting – Thank you, next!

To whip things in shape, we have put together a few quick tips from us at ETHOZ for CNY car rental this Chinese New Year!

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1. Book Early

The early bird catches the worm. As the festive season draws closer, more popular car models or cheapest CNY car rental packages tend to be snapped up. Booking early gives you access to a larger selection of car models at a wider range of price points.

Call to enquire on our available rental car models now!

2. Choose the Rental Car to Your Needs

With affordable rental prices, the thought of rolling up to your friends and relatives’ houses in the flashy two-door of your dreams may be tempting. However, if you are chauffeuring a sizeable family of fragile elderly and fidgety children, it is more practical to go with a 7-seater SUV for the comfort of your loved ones.

It is more advisable to place your needs above your wants.

3. Know Your Car Rental Package Dates

Majority of Singapore Car Rental companies offer 5-day CNY Car Rental packages. It is rare to find car rental companies in operation during the festive season. This allows our staff to enjoy their own festive visitations.

Therefore, be sure to take note of your collection and return dates.

4. Be Clear on Additional Surcharges

Some frequently requested add on items which are not included in the basic package include a second driver, child seats and entry to Malaysia. Also, make sure to check the cost of any additional insurance you wish to include. Request for the pricing of these add on items upfront, for a holistic view of the total costs.

In addition, be aware of the costs involved in an accident. Most car rental companies have an Accident Insurance plan in place, whereby hirers are required to pay a fixed Accident Excess amount. This should be clearly stated in your contract.

5. Know what to do in a Car Accident during CNY

We all wish to avoid this situation. However, if you ‘suay suay’ happen to get into an accident, follow these simple steps.

Stop at the scene of accident and remain calm. If someone is injured, call for the ambulance (995) or police (999) immediately. Vehicle should not be moved unless instructed by the police. If there is no injury, move your vehicle to a safe place if the accident vehicles are obstructing traffic or posing a hazard to other road users. Use vehicle breakdown signs, lights or reflectors to warn other road users of the accident.

Exchange particulars with all driver(s) involved, record the details (date, time and location) of the accident and take photos of the vehicles and accident scene. Do not discuss liability or agree to any private settlement and make an accident report within 24 hours or by the next working day.

At ETHOZ, we have a 24/7 call centre to assist with breakdowns and accidents. This contact decal is located on the driver windscreen for easy access in times of need.

6. CNY Car Feng Shui Tips

Car owners will go to great lengths to make sure their ride has the best Feng Shui possible. For instance, some may wrap their vehicles in their lucky color of the year. In view of the limitations of a rental car, here are some tips you may employ for your CNY Car Rental.

Placing Ang Paos below the mandarin oranges on the car dashboard is believed to bring your car good luck and prosperity. Another tip is to keep bottled water in the car. The best element for a car is water. Water represents clarity and thoughtfulness in Feng Shui. This counters the electromagnetic fields from devices that transmit Bluetooth or WiFi in your car. This is believed to block positive energy from flowing. For more tips, hop on over to our article on Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Chinese New Year.

Enjoy the ease of travelling from house-to-house visits in comfort this Chinese New Year. At ETHOZ, we have a wide range of vehicles. Choose from a wide selection of Sedans, MPVs and SUVs. With over 30 years of experience, ETHOZ is an established provider of reliable car rental services at affordable prices. Our sales team is well-equipped to assist you with a vehicle recommendation tailored to your needs and budget.

Drop us an enquiry below or speak to our friendly staff at 66547788 now!

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