4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Mercedes to a Specialist Workshop

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Mercedes to a Specialist Workshop

Owning a Mercedes is a luxury, and it’s also an investment you’ll want to protect. That’s why Mercedes owners are always on the hunt for workshops that can handle the maintenance and repair needs of their vehicle–and not just any will suffice. You want to make sure you know where to go to get the best Mercedes servicing in Singapore.

Not all cars are created equally, and European makes need a specialist’s eye to properly service them. These high-quality vehicles need a mechanic who knows how to work on their unique specifications, features and, of course, you also want a workshop that offers authentic original parts. Finding the best one will ensure your car is ready for anything. Here’s why you should only choose a specialist workshop to repair your Mercedes.

1.   A Specialist Workshop Is More Convenient

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Specialist Mercedes workshops in Singapore take pride in offering a one-stop solution for drivers. But what does this mean? Simply put, a Mercedes Benz workshop should be able to settle any of your Mercedes servicing needs.

The best Mercedes workshops not only know how to keep your luxury vehicle in prime performance condition, but they’ll offer you a comprehensive suite of services in one place.

You can also rest assured that they will have the parts and tools needed to fix your car. Our Mercedes servicing workshops are currently located at Bukit Batok and Tampines, bringing you even greater convenience no matter where you are in Singapore!

2.   A Mercedes Specialist Is More Cost-Efficient

No matter how much you pay to purchase your car, you still don’t want to empty your wallet to keep it running. Choosing a speciality workshop to service your Mercedes is perhaps the easiest way to save on repair and maintenance bills in the long haul.

Every manufacturer builds its vehicles differently, and European makers, such as Mercedes, have a reputation for needing specialised care. While every mechanic can technically work on your car, only those with experience working with a Mercedes will be able to solve your problem the best and most cost-effective way.

When you drive into a specialist workshop, you will receive both top-notch service and reliable repairs at an affordable price. And since you know your repairs will last for the long haul, you won’t have to worry about returning any time soon for the same problem.

3. Only a Specialist Workshop Provides Authentic Parts

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When you purchase your Mercedes directly from a dealer, you know it only has original parts. However, if you bring your vehicle to a regular workshop for repairs, you may not get the same reassurance. Many Singaporean car workshops use generic parts, which usually don’t provide the same reliability or experience as authentic parts.

One of the main reasons why drivers choose a Mercedes workshop over just any repair shop is because they can count on getting authentic parts which are branded and carry the company’s logo. While some customers may choose to opt for authentic parts, our customers are also able to choose from a selection of OEM parts and aftermarket parts. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are created by the same company that built the parts for the manufacturer and hence subjected to the same quality control standards as the authentic parts.

The only difference is that, while authentic parts are branded, OEM parts do not carry the manufacturer’s logo — however they are still very much similar in quality! Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are manufactured by companies who have obtained rights to make these parts and may not look like the authentic or OEM parts but essentially perform the same function as the authentic or OEM parts.

4. A Mercedes Workshop Has the Best Quality Control

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You rely on your vehicle to get you from place to place without any problems. When you take your Mercedes in for service, you expect it will run better than before. However, only a mechanic who knows how to work on this type of vehicle properly can guarantee their work. European cars require specialised skills and training, which is why you should only let a Mercedes workshop repair your vehicle.

Unlike your typical workshop, those that work solely on Mercedes and other European vehicles stay current with these types of cars. The best mechanics continue to advance their craft through training and experience. When you bring in your vehicle, a skilled workshop should be able to diagnose and fix the problem without fail. Our Mechanics have over 20 years of experience in handling Mercedes Benz servicing, so you don’t have to worry about any quality control issues when you leave the workshop.

Accurate Diagnosis

With car models being updated regularly, it is important for diagnostic tools to be updated as well, for accurate diagnosis of any issues with the cars. Different tools are used for the range of Mercedes models in the market. At ETHOZ, we are equipped with Diagnostic tools equivalent to those in use by manufacturers. This allows us to diagnose a range of old and new Mercedes Benz models.


Warranty is provided on workmanship as well as parts. For any workmanship-related issues, 6 months of warranty is provided. As for the parts of the car, warranty is provided according to the terms and conditions provided by the vendor we have purchased the part from.

Coding Customization

Although models of cars get updated periodically, there still exist many functions or settings that can be explored. With coding customization, you can explore functions of the car and customize them to suit your needs. For example, you can customize the winding down of your windows simply by pressing your car keys.

Best Mercedes Workshop in Singapore

Finding a reliable and affordable Mercedes servicing workshop isn’t easy, that’s why so many Mercedes Benz owners are always on the hunt for good workshop recommendations! A simple solution we always recommend is to opt for a Specialist workshop in Singapore.

Here at ETHOZ, we believe in always providing our customers with honest, cost-efficient repairs. From diagnostics to mechanical repairs, we help you care for every aspect of your Mercedes Benz. To find out more about our Mercedes Benz services, drop us an email at contactus@ethozgroup.com.

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