Traffic Cameras in Singapore

5 Different Types of Traffic Cameras in Singapore

Speeding has been strictly regulated in many countries all over the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), majority of the traffic causalities are caused by speeding. Singapore is among one of the countries with strict enforcement imposed for speeding apart from Afghanistan, Albania, China, Fiji, France, Georgia, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey and South Korea.


According to revenue data released by the Ministry of Finance for Budget 2019, $37.8 million were collected from traffic fines in 2018. In Singapore, the Road Traffic Act affix the general speed limit on the road as 50km/h unless stated. The traffic act is strictly enforced with the installation of traffic cameras which have successfully deter speeding over the years. According to the Singapore’s 2018 annual road traffic situation report, the overall road traffic situation remained stable with a decrease in road traffic accidents. However with an increase in drink driving and red- light running violations, Ministry of Home Affairs has raised traffic fines in Singapore since 1st April 2019 to deter irresponsible driving. 


Singapore road traffic overall situation 2018 2018 Traffic Violations in Singapore 2018 Road Accidents and Fatalities in Singapore Singapore road traffic situation involving motorcyclists and elderly pedestrians


Do you know that there’re a total of 326 locations in Singapore with traffic enforcement cameras? Have you spotted any of these cameras along the road? Let’s take a look at what are the different types of the traffic cameras on the road!

Type of Vehicles Roads Expressways Tunnels
Cars & motorcycles 50km/h 70-90km/h 50-80km/h
Buses & coaches 50km/h 60km/h 50-60km/h
Light commercial vehicles (includes Light Goods Vehicles and small buses not exceeding 3.5 tonnes and seating capacity of up to 15 passengers) 50km/h 60-70km/h 50-70km/h
Exceptions: Fire engines, Ambulances, and Government vehicles used by Singapore Police Force or the Singapore Civil Defence Force


The Average Speed Camera (ASC)

Average Speed Traffic CameraImage Source: Straits Times

The Average Speed Camera (ACS) is the newest camera system that is deploy along Tanah Merah Coast Road with a speed limit of 70km/h since 17 December 2018. Mounted on lamp posts, the ACS system determine speeding by detecting and computing the average speed of a vehicle within the enforcement zone. The system was enforced at the location to curb speeding and illegal racing. The cameras are located at the entrance and exit of the road.

Average Speed Camera(ASC) Locations No Coordinates
Tanah Merah Coast Road between LP 361A and LP 504A towards Aviation Park Road 1 1.31955 , 104.016
2 1.31956 , 104.016
3 1.33557 , 104.023
4 1.33556 , 104.023
5 1.34912 , 104.029
6 1.34909 , 104.029
Tanah Merah Coast Road between LP 504 and LP 361 towards ECP 1 1.31964 , 104.016
2 1.31948 , 104.016
3 1.334675 , 104.023
4 1.334674 , 104.023
5 1.34914 , 104.029
6 1.34908, 104.029


Information extracted from Singapore Police Force

Red Light Camera

Red Light Traffic Camera

Image Source: Straits Times

The old red light cameras were replaced with the digital version back in 2014. Produced by the German traffic solutions manufacturer Jenoptik, these digital ones capture sharper images with 11 megapixels resolution, remote access to footages and capability to identify speeding on multiple lanes at intersections. There are 240 roads in Singapore with red light cameras installed.

Mobile Speed Camera (MSC)

Mobile Speed Traffic Camera

Image Source: Mothership

The Mobile Speed Camera (MSCs) was introduced on the road since February 2016. Equipped with its own power source, The MSC runs fully digital around the clock even during bad weather to identify speeding vehicles. The camera can be deploy shortly within a week and is able to capture up to 32 vehicles at one go. Currently, there’re 3 cameras deployed at the following locations:

No. Mobile Speed Camera Locations Coordinates
1 Aviation Park Road towards Nicoll Drive 1.362990, 104.020575
2 Lim Chu Kang Road towards Neo Tiew Road 1.392157, 103.698591
3 Seletar Link towards Seletar North Link 1.407429, 103.884916



Information extracted from Singapore Police Force Website

Fixed Speed Camera

Fixed Speed Traffic Camera

Image Source:

The Fixed Speed Camera (FSCs) is a permanent fixture that possess the same function as the Mobile Speed Camera to curb speeding.  As compared to the MSC, FSC do takes a longer time of 6 months to deploy. Currently, there’re 20 roads in Singapore deployed with FSCs.

Police Speed Laser Camera

Police Speed Traffic Camera

Image Source: Straits Times

Introduced way back in May 2016, the hand held police speed laser camera are able to detect speeding in bad lighting environment. Some of the features of the camera includes longer battery life and also high resolution images and videos throughout the entire day with the new infrared flash that isn’t visible with the naked eye. Beware of these cameras, the police officer equipped with the device might be launching a surprise attack along the road, on the overhead bridge or even behind the trees!

Old Police Speed Laser Camera

Old Laser Speed Camera


Speed Regulations for Personal Mobility Devices

Apart from the enforcement of speed on vehicles, do you also know that the Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are also regulated in Singapore?  Stiffer penalties are implemented for PMD with raising concerns of safety for both riders and pedestrians by the Land Transport Authority. Under the new speed regulation kicked in on 1st February, cyclists and PMD users must keep to a speed limit of 10kmh on footpaths, and 25kmh on shared paths and cycling paths. Speed guns are also deployed by the Active Mobility Enforcement Officers (AMEOs) with video recording features with a range of up to 1km.

Active Mobility Enforcement Officers SpeedImage Source: Straits Times








Video Source: The Straits Times

For live traffic updates, there’re several online options like OneMotoring and mobile applications like Motorist and MyTransport SG.  Users are able to have the latest traffic update and conditions via the real view footages of the traffic cameras. There’re also forums or articles sharing about the speed cameras hotspots in Singapore. Do check them out!

Traffic Camera Live Update SingaporeImage Source: OneMotoring

Other than the traffic cameras stated above, have you heard about the digicams installed in the tunnels of KPE? According to torque, there’re about 10 laser speed cameras installed in the KPE tunnels. Have you ever been caught for speeding by them? Let’s be a responsible road user by abiding to traffic rules! 

Video created by & with: Invideo


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