5 New Mercedes Accessories Your Car Needs Right Now

As a German automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz is well-known for their luxury and commercial vehicles which are safe, innovative, durable and prestigious. The qualities of comfort such as the carpeting, entertainment features, polished styling, LED mood lighting are awesome array of functions and options; even the scent signals of this vehicle is unique. The finer things that one desires to see in a car can be found in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. As a world class automobile vehicle that is known for its performance, safety, service, selection and luxury, added-on accessories can be considered to further enhance the car. Thus, we have provided a comprehensive list of accessories that are necessary for the car.

1.    Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is essential to ensure the safety of the driver. If you happened to be involved in an accident, a dashboard camera can help to explain and picture the situation. Undoubtedly, there are no other better ways than using a dash cam for a car accident. It should be able to capture information about the context, speed, direction in which you were driving.

Most of the traffic accident videos that you see online were captured and produced by dashboard cams. If you really want to make the most of the dashboard camera, you should get one that has high definition and resolution, which allows for clear day and night recording. Price variations are not significant when it comes to safety, so make sure you get one with a wide angle, frame rate and good resolution to record license plates of moving cars or accidents in further distance.

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2.   Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are common equipment in many modern vehicles. The parking sensors can be used for the front and rear, which are essential for covering blind sports and sensing other nearby cars around you to avoid hitting them.

If you are going with aftermarket parking sensors, make sure that you have a professional to install them and always test the functions first for faultiness. Parking sensors help to measure the distance to nearby obstacles so they do not always take into account the peculiarities of the car you are driving. For instance, if you have a spare wheel placed on the back of the vehicle, you should always check and see if your parking sensor covers that extension or you may hit your wheel cover with other vehicles or obstacles.

3.   Blindspot Mirrors

These blindspot mirrors are little additions to your vehicle’s side mirrors. They provide you the overall view of the places that are typically not covered by the position of a standard mirror. In short, blindspot mirrors help you to navigate through tight spaces and spot vehicles in your blindspot when filtering lanes on the road. In terms of cost and design, it is quite basic and normally marketed affordably. These mirrors are also easy to install and necessary as a car accessory – to ensure your safety.

4.   Backseat Organiser

Car backseat organisers are used by drivers to organise the vehicle. They act as car storage accessories to store your items such as cup holders, seat gap fillers, food, laptop, smartphone, tablet and so on. For this particular storage problem, we use car backseat organisers to make use of a storage surface that is usually left unused in the car. Depending on the size and type, they can serve a wide range of storage purposes such as all of the aforementioned storage products and items. Thus, it is a necessary car accessory as it helps to combine and organise most of the car items.

Before purchasing the car accessory, always check that you have enough legroom in the back for the passengers as they will occupy the rear seats. These organizers do take just a little space so if it is already tight in the car, they are going to make things a bit worse. Moreover, look out for different types of backseat organisers online or in physical shops. There might be significant price differences between competing models due to its design, size and feature. Nonetheless, it does make sense to spend a few dollars more for a product that has better storage options, manufactured with better materials that are water-resistant and durable, for example.

5.   GPS Navigation

The last and most important car accessory that you need is a GPS navigator. The navigator is very common in modern cars, as they help you to find and locate places that you want to visit. If you don’t have one, you can either have it installed or simply use your phone’s GPS apps – Google Maps, for example. Google Maps can help you to find specific shops, restaurants, businesses or other points of interest that you are travelling to. Even if you know the streets very well, sometimes a GPS navigator can be very valuable and comes in handy. They can also offer real-time traffic reports, geographic information, weather conditions and automatic rerouting.

Modify your Mercedes

At this point, you may be interested to have these accessories installed in your Mercedes car to enjoy their benefits and functions in comfortable luxury, and perhaps at the same time, to send your car for a much-needed maintenance check to keep it running in great shape.

Given that your car has cost you a significant amount, you should not entrust it to someone who doesn’t know how to handle it well. You would prefer someone with years of experience in managing Mercedes and other continental cars specifically, with all their unique idiosyncrasies.

Look no further than the Mercedes Benz Premium Care Maintenance Programme at ETHOZ. As the market leader in vehicle leasing in Singapore for over 35 years, ETHOZ manages and maintains a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles, including a large proportion of high-end continental cars from makers like Mercedes Benz. With so much experience maintaining our own fleet, you can be assured that when you send your Mercedes to be serviced by us, you’re sending it to be serviced by some of the best Mercedes experts in Singapore.

At ETHOZ, your Mercedes car will be given the most dedicated attention and scrupulous care by our team of experts armed with over 15 years of knowledge backed up with sophisticated diagnostic tools and a well-equipped workshop to bring out the best in your car in performance and appearance. Our services go beyond quality and affordability to bring you all-rounded service excellence and the peace of mind that comes of knowing your precious ride is in the right hands.

We offer a wide range of attractive and comprehensive packages to suit the maintenance and servicing needs of any Mercedes owner. If you’re looking to find out more or want to book an appointment, simply reach out to a member of our team at or call us at 6654 7666 to explore what we have to offer!

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