6 Unconventional Date Spots to Visit in Singapore on Valentine’s Day 2020 (1)

6 Unconventional Date Spots to Visit in Singapore on Valentine’s Day 2020

With Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s time to start racking your brains for some fresh and fun date ideas. If you’ve grown tired of your typical restaurant dinner date routines and are wondering what else there is in our little island, you’d be surprised to discover Singapore isn’t all that boring–you just have to know where to look!

While some unique date spots may be slightly out of the way, don’t sweat it. You can always make travelling  easier by opting for short term car rentals in Singapore! For those who’re looking to top last year’s Valentine’s Day, keep reading for the lowdown on 6 of the most unconventional date spots to check out in 2020!!

1.  Open Farm Community


Located on Minden Road (it’s right next to Dempsey Hill), Open Farm Community is a fresh concept that aims to connect us with nature to better understand where the food we eat comes from. The edible garden located inside Open Farm Community serves as a place for interaction with the farmers and learning for a truly eye-opening experience.

With an open concept and a glasshouse like interior, it’s the perfect date spot to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. And of course, you can also snap your Instagram-worthy date photos in this nature-filled space! A perfect place for food and nature lovers, Open Farm Community is definitely a different and ideal location for a meaningful date with your loved one!

Address: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

Website: http://www.openfarmcommunity.com/

2.  Greenwood fish market


Greenwood fish market prides itself on importing the freshest seafood and is the perfect place if you and your beau are serious about getting yourseafood fix. This nautical theme restaurant accentuated with its timber dining tables and blue walls will make your and your date feel like you’re dining out at sea!

What makes this restaurant even more special is the connecting grocery area from where you can shop for wines and gourmet goods–which is perfect if you want to continue your date snuggled up with a glass of wine later on. From the Boston lobster to the green-lipped mussels from New Zealand, treat your special someone to the freshest catches from all over the world!

Address: 31 Ocean Way, 01 – 04 / 05, 098375

Website: http://www.greenwoodfishmarket.com/

3.  Kranji Countryside Farms


For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Kranji Countryside Farms can be your sweet escape for a day of fun outdoors! With about 16 farms located in the depths of Kranji, you can set out on a day of exploration and adventure with your loved one!

Nestled within the quiet roads of Kranji, Hay Dairies is the only goat farm in Singapore with over 800 goats of various breeds. You’ll be able to observe the daily goat milking sessions and even get to feed them. At the end, you can even purchase a bottle of goat milk as a souvenir of your adventures with the adorable goats!

For all you plant lovers out there, you can also visit the Bollywood Veggies Farm which is home to different types of trees and fruits accompanied with quirky signages, sure to leave you both thoroughly entertained. An idyllic getaway, Kranji Countryside Farms is a suitable date location for a perfect retreat!

Address: Hay Dairies: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859 Bollywood Veggies: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

Website: http://kranjicountryside.com/

4.  Maximum Drift Karting Arena


If you’re looking for some heart-pumping action, drift-karting may be the perfect activity to bring out the competitive spirit in your other half! Singapore’s first and only drift-karting arena, Maximum Drift includes a drifting element — elevating your regular Go-Karting experience to more thrilling levels.

The sessions are priced at $18 per session on weekdays and $20 per session on weekends–making it an extremely affordable date option! To top it all off, the arena is located in Orto, a picturesque and relaxing place with tons of restaurants and bars around, so you’ll be spoilt for choice after you work up your appetites!.

Address: ORTO 81 Lorong Chencharu Singapore 769198

Website: http://orto.sg/activities/maximum-drift/#

5.  555 Villa Thai Next To Changi Airport’s Runway


We’d all love a romantic getaway with our valentines, but if you can’t make it to your dream destination, why not bring it a little closer to home? At 555 Villa Thai Mookata, just sit back and let the grill sizzle while you take in the open air, and enjoy the sights that’ll have you feeling like you’re in Thailand!

Located right next to Changi Airport’s runway, you can indulge in some delicious mookata whilst enjoying the occasional plane soar into the skies!  It’s a great place for anyone–whether you’re feeling a more chill vibe, or looking to be adventurous, this unique location has so much to offer. A live band also performs every night, setting the vibes for a nice and relaxing dinner for you and your date!

Address: 30 Cosford Road, Singapore 499550

6.  Gallop Stable


At the Gallop Stables, you and your date get to gallop away into the sunset on a horse ride, for a romantic and fun adventure! This is the perfect date if you’re into getting active and trying new things together. You and your other half can go on an hour-long horse ride together relishing in the fresh breeze outdoors.

You can even make this experience more special by feeding the ponies and bunnies at the stables for $2 per feed packet. And to end it all off on a sweet note, both of you can feast at the Cafe located in the premises, indulging in some English delicacies!

Address: @Horsecity (Bukit Timah): 100 Turf Club Road Singapore 287992

@Pasir Ris: 61 Pasir Ris Green Carpark C Singapore

Website: https://www.gallopstable.com/

Getting around Singapore on Valentine’s Day

Although Singapore may be a small country, getting to some of the more unique spots on our sunny island may not be as convenient. And of course, sometimes we just want to pamper our loved ones by chauffeuring them around — especially on a special day like Valentine’s Day.

Renting a car in Singapore has become a more popular option these days simply because of how affordable and convenient it is! If you’re looking for a short term car rental, but are feeling unsure of how to go about the  car rental process, simply give our team at Ethoz a call at 66547788 or drop us an email at contactus@ethozgroup.com!

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