6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Chinese New Year

6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year less than two weeks away, we are all rushing to get our houses lunar ready. That includes doing something about that Christmas tree still sitting in the living room.
However, it is not only our houses that need some love and care this period. Our cars need to be prepared for the Lunar New Year too! In this article, we’ll cover six ways to get your car ready for the Year of the Pig!

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1) Service Your Car

Service Your Car

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With you spending hours and hours driving around Singapore, and even up to Malaysia to visit relatives, the last thing you’ll want is your car breaking down. If that happens, good luck finding a workshop that is open. Most, if not, all of them will likely be closed during this festive period.
As a responsible car owner, you should be sending your car in for regular servicing. If your car hasn’t been to the workshop for a while, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment. A trip to a good car workshop should put all your driving worries aside during the holidays.

2) Wash Your Car

Wash Your Car

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Just like how you would give your house a good spring cleaning, your car needs and deserves the same. These days, car owners are spoilt for choice in terms of how you want your car washed. For instance, if you have the time and energy, you can choose to wash your car yourself.
For those who don’t have the latter, you can drive to a car wash to have someone wash it for you. There are also car washing services where you can get cleaners to wash your car while you rest at home.

3) Clear Away Sharp Objects

Clear Away Sharp Objects

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Have you heard of the old superstition, sharp objects would cut your fortune? Well, those who have and believe in it usually hide sharp objects, like knives and scissors, in drawers or keep them out of sight when the New Year rolls around. Some of us keep a pair of scissors or penknife in our cars for emergencies. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep them away during this Lunar New Year period.

4) Oranges on the Dashboard

Oranges on the Dashboard

Photo Credit: Sarawak Festival

During every Chinese New Year period, most Chinese drivers would place two oranges on their car dashboard. For those unaware, oranges symbolise prosperity. That is why you would always exchange two oranges with the host whenever you go house visiting.
Not only is it supposed to bring you and your car good luck and prosperity, but it could also get you out of a common pinch. Imagine having to purposely make a trip down to the supermarket or fruit store (if you could find one that is open) to get oranges in the event of a last-minute or unexpected house visit. Why do that when you have two oranges right there in your car?

5) Ang Bao under the Oranges

Ang Bao under the Oranges

Photo Credit: YLoke225

Besides placing two oranges in the car, some drivers also place an Ang Bao (red packet) below the tangerines. Ang Baos are red envelopes and are usually filled with money. Married people give them to singles and children as a form of blessing and good luck every Chinese New Year.
However, if you are going to put an Ang Bao under the two oranges in your car for good luck, it’s best that the Ang Bao be empty, for security reasons.
For more car feng shui tips, check out the following article.

6) Chinese New Year Playlist

Chinese New Year Playlist

Photo Credit: Pexels

Ten years ago, when our parents want to bring in the festive cheer during Chinese New Year house visits, they would use radios or CD players to play Chinese New Year songs. Now, times are different, you can connect your smartphone to infotainment systems using Bluetooth.
Similarly, instead of keeping multiple CDs in the car, simply load your Spotify with Chinese New Year songs, connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth, and play your favourite CNY tunes until your heart’s content.
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