Short Term Car Rental

At ETHOZ, we provide short term car rental to businesses and individuals. Whether you are in Singapore for a holiday, or require a car for a short duration for instance a weekend getaway, we are delighted to assist you.

Our experienced team of advisors are well-equipped to advise on the best car according to your short term car rental needs. We are able to customise solutions tailored to your needs. Choose from a wide range of cars – Sedan, SUV and MPV. Get affordable and cheap car leasing that suits your budget.

Short Term Cars

Small Sedan

1000cc – 1600cc
Rental below 7 days: $100
Rental 7 days & above: $90
Toyota Altis / Honda Civic or similar


1200cc & Above
Rental below 7 days: From $180
Rental 7 days & above: From $160
Mazda CX5 / Toyota Harrier / or similar


1400cc & Above
Rental below 7 days: From $150
Rental 7 days & above: From $130
Toyota Wish / Mazda 5 / or similar

Big Sedan

2000cc to 2500cc
Rental below 7 days: $180
Rental 7 days & above: $160
Toyota Camry / Nissan Teana / or similar

Luxury Series

Rental below 7 days: $300
Rental 7 days & above: $260
BMW 5 Series / Mercedes-Benz E-Class/ or similar

Luxury MPV

Rental below 7 days: $260
Rental 7 days & above: $220
Toyota Alphard / Toyota Vellfire / Nissan Elgrand

What Are Your
Car Rental Needs?

When making a decision between Short Term and Long Term car rental, rental duration is the key deciding factor. If you only require a car for a special occasion or a short period of time in Singapore, Short Term car rental is the better solution. If you require a car on a more frequent basis but do not wish to commit to a car ownership, Short Term car rental in Singapore is more suitable for you.

To assist you in making a more informed decision, we further elaborate on the benefits of our Long Term car rental.

Why Short Term Car Rental?

If you only need a car for a special occasion or for a limited period under a year, Short Term Car Rental is the solution for you. A number of different situations make Short Term car rental an ideal option. For example, you may require a car for a weekend family trip. Short Term car rental is also the perfect solution to fill the gap for care owners who have completed the sale of your previous car and await your newly purchased car. Special occasions such as weddings also justify the rental of fancier cars. Short Term car rental allows you to have access to the car you desire for a fixed period of time.

One Step Ahead

Benefits of Rental


Low Upfront Capital
Predictable Monthly Expenditure
No Depreciating Asset
No Maintenance Expenditure
Free Up Capital for Growth
Eliminate Vehicle Disposal Loss 


24-Hour Breakdown Support
Regular Maintenance Reduces Breakdown
Replacement Vehicle Reduces Downtime
Flexible Vehicle Rental Duration
Our Fleet Management Frees Up Your Time
Maximise Efficiency of Labour Resources

Our Rental Package


Customised Solution


Motor Insurance


Road Tax


LTA Inspection


Unlimited Mileage


Maintenance & Servicing


Accident Reporting & Claims


24-Hour Breakdown Support


Replacement Vehicle

What Sets Us Apart

Extensive Experience Since 1981

Wide Range of Vehicle Fleet

In-House Workshop

Comprehensive One-Stop
Aftersales Service

24-Hour Breakdown Service

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