What is Business Financing?

Business financing is the process of funding business activities, making purchases, or investments. The financial markets in Singapore are well-established and financially stable. As a profitable financial hub, Singapore comprises different financial sectors. Overall, there are many different types of business financing in the Singapore market.

At ETHOZ, we provide a wide spectrum of business financing solutions in Singapore. The four main products we offer are Corporate Term Loan, Equipment Leasing, Hire Purchase and Enterprise Singapore Loan. It is imperative to select the right business financing solution to start and grow your business. Speak to our experienced financing options for your business needs. We provide flexible financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. Timely access to financing solutions is important to business, hence we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and hassle-free application process.

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Our Business Financing Services

Corporate Term Loan

Working Capital Loan
Provides businesses access to working capital for funding of daily operations.

Secured Loan
Allows businesses to access capital by leveraging on your assets.

Commercial Property Loan
For warehouse to office spaces, acquire commercial property for your business needs with this financing solution.

Renovation Loan
Refurbish your office or retail space to establish a prestigious brand image to your clients and customers.

Equipment Leasing

Enjoy the profit-generating benefits of equipment while ensuring liquidity and good cash flow.

Hire Purchase

With hire purchase, reduce your upfront costs and spread your payment over time while you enjoy the use and ownership of the asset.

Enterprise Singapore Loans

SME Working Capital Loan
In partnership with Enterprise Singapore, eligible SMEs can apply for a maximum loan amount of S$1 millionfor business operations.

SME Fixed Assets Loan
This loan can be utilized by eligible SMEs for purchase or upgrading of assets up to S$30 million.

Temporary Bridging Loan
Introduced due to COVID-19, this loan aims to improve cash flow for impacted businesses with an amount up to $5 million.

Application Made Simple

Loan Application Process

Fast Application

Get in touch through our enquiry form below.

Application Review

We will review your business application.

Signing of Documents

Upon approval, we will arrange for signing.

Timely Disbursement

Funds are disbursed swiftly to meet your business needs.

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Benefits of ETHOZ’s Business Financing Solutions

Extensive & Customisable Solutions

Fast Application

Flexible Payment Tenure

Experienced Team

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