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At ETHOZ Capital, we are committed to supporting the growth of businesses through our financial solutions in Singapore such as term loans. A term loan provides you with a sum of cash up front, with affordable repayment interest rates over a stipulated period of time. A term loan in Singapore allows your business to bring in a constant stream of revenue while repaying your loan. We offer you flexible term loans at a competitive rate, hassle-free application and sound financial advice from our experienced Relationship Managers. Tailored solutions can also be provided for SMEs and start-ups alike in Singapore.

Type of Corporate Term Loans

Capital Loan

Provides businesses access to working capital for funding of daily operations.


Allows businesses to access capital by leveraging on your ownership of unencumbered/ fixed assets.

Property Loan

From warehouse to office spaces, acquire commercial property for your business needs with this financing solution.


Refurbish your office or retail space to establish a prestigious brand image to your clients and customers.

Financing Example

1 Business loan Singapore
Boutique Hotel C is located in the downtown area and has been operating for the last five years with a steady stream of customers.

Unfortunately in recent months, the hotel management realised they could no longer maximise their business opportunities due to its current limited number of rooms. In order not to miss out this increased inflow of customer, the hotel decided to expand further by building a new wing. However, the hotel will require a loan of $1.5 million for refurbishing and renovation to kick-start this expansion project.
Faced with this situation, the owners of Hotel C approached ETHOZ Capital for financing option. ETHOZ suggested that Hotel C consider a Term Loan to fund their renovations.

Taking up the term loan financing option is the best decision they have made by far. They found it to be a convenient and hassle-free way to finance their renovations. As a result, were able to proceed with the renovations with the cash received upfront.

ETHOZ has offered Hotel C the following terms:
Interest Rate : 3% flat per annum
Monthly Repayment : $28,750 x 60 months
In this example, Hotel C added a wing and increased its occupancy; thereby increasing its sales. It only needs to pay $28,750 per month through a Term Loan agreement.

* Disclaimer: Example above is merely shown for illustration purpose to better allow readers to understand the uses of each financing solution. Figures and interest rates listed above are not representative; it may differ based on each company’s requirements and management’s approval. Additional terms and conditions may also apply based on the credit assessment and evaluation conducted during application. ETHOZ Capital Ltd and its employees make no representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied, and accept no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the computation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SME Working Capital Loan?

SME Working Capital Loan is a type of capital loan that covers the short term operational needs of a business, such as salaries and rent in Singapore. SME Working Capital Loans are important for an SME for a few key reasons.

Firstly, an SME Working Capital Loan improves the cash flow of your business. Having access to funds also keeps your business prepared in times of unexpected circumstances, from sales fluctuations to new business opportunities. Businesses with seasonal or cyclical sales can also consider taking up an SME Working Capital Loan to tide over periods with reduced sales volume and low cash inflow.

What is Secured Loan?

Secured Loan is a type of capital loan where SMEs in Singapore can benefit from it as it allows businesses to access capital by leveraging on their ownership of unencumbered/ fixed assets.

Business opportunities may be missed if you do not have enough capital. A Secured Loan is a type of corporate term loan that can be “secured” with a property as collateral. By taking up a Secured Loan backed by property with ETHOZ, it allows your business to obtain a larger loan quantum as compared to an Unsecured Loan. Whether your property is a private residential, retail, office or commercial property, we can provide you with additional capital for your business needs with flexible repayment schemes.

What is Commercial Property Loan?

A Commercial Property Loan is a type of corporate term loan that can be used by a variety of industries to finance different types of properties, including but not limited to office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. Unlike the purchase of a residential property, the purchase of a commercial property tends to be an entirely profit-based decision. Therefor, it is crucial to research the property market to source for the right type of property and location that would be suit your business needs before taking up the long term commitment of a Commercial Property Loan.

What is Renovation Loan?

A Renovation Loan is a type of corporate term loan that can be taken when your business requires capital for renovation works, from electrical wiring to carpentry. This comes in handy when you are changing the visual identity of your brand, such as in the case of rebranding. When considering a Renovation Loan, it will be beneficial to quantify what the renovation improvements will do your your business. For instance, keeping a current brand image is especially important for certain industries with a fast trend pace, such as the Fashion Retail Industry.

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