Different online platforms to sell your car in Singapore (2)

Different Online Platforms to Sell Your Car in Singapore

Vehicle ownership is known to be expensive in Singapore. Apart from the purchase cost of the vehicle, other components like the certificate of ownership, insurance premium, road tax, registration fee, loan interest, maintenance, petrol, parking, ERP, repair and other miscellaneous expenses are the significant costs which burns your pocket. Apart from the COE which was introduce to control vehicle population and to tackle the issue of land scarcity in Singapore, the authority has also implemented the vehicle emission scheme since 1st January 2018 to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles with rebates or surcharges of up till $20,000 for private owned cars.

With that, there’re more car owners who have gone for the car rental option in Singapore to manage their monthly cost. After all, your monthly rental cost got you covered for most of the essential items apart from your parking, petrol, fines and accident repair cost if there’s any.  Are you considering or looking for help to sell your car? There’re many ways to sell your car, for example advertising and selling to direct buyers, car consignment, selling through car dealers or via the trade in option. Of all the methods, the best way to fetch you the best price if probably through advertising and liaising with direct buyers on your own. As online marketplace change the way consumers shopped, more Singaporean are shopping online. Here’re some reliable online platforms in Singapore to help you without the need to go through any middle man! 

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Carousell Motors

Founded in 2012, the mobile classified market place for buying and selling of the pre-owned or new items has grown tremendously over the years. From car rental in Singapore, travel, fashion to electronic products, users are able to find various offers and listing on the platforms from direct sellers.

With the acquisition of car classifieds startup Caarly in October 2016, Carousell has launched a new market place for cars called Carousell Motors in February 2018. The platforms offer a wide range of automotive products like passenger cars and commercial vehicles of different make, model, color and pricing for sale. The platform offers the freedom to liaise and deal with direct buyers with a possibility for higher selling price. However, it do take some effort and patience when owners decide to manage the transaction by themselves. Be prepare to entertain requests like test driving, viewing appointments and bargains.

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Founded in 2015, Motorist is an online auto concierge platform offering quotes for car insurance, COE renewal, free car valuation, car selling, export and scrapping services at the car owners’ convenience. With a network of over 300+ used car dealers and direct buyers, car transactions are completed with the highest quote available as fast as 24 hours.

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Motorist has also developed a mobile application with over 6000 members which update users of live traffic conditions, vehicle e-log card, notifications, reminders of road tax, vehicle inspections, COE expiry, vehicle safety recalls, payment of fines from LTA, HDB, SPF, URA, access to their services and support for any motoring related problem via the chat function.  Headquartered in Singapore, Motorist has about 350 to 400 vehicles transacted monthly with network laid in Malaysia and Vietnam. They also have plans to expand into the Thailand market in 2019. 

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Incorporated in 2007, sgCarMart is the largest online car mart with the largest database of used and new passenger and commercial vehicle for sale wholly-owned by Singapore Press Holdings. sgCarMart serves with more functions of different automotive related services like the sale of new and used vehicles, car insurance quote and a comprehensive directory of automotive services like accident reporting, tyres, workshop, accessories, grooming and care, car rental in Singapore and many more.

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Another SPH and sgCarMart owned online portal, Quotz, is an online auction portal tailored to help car owners to sell their cars incorporated in 2007. Operate on a slightly different business model, the portal will lock down the highest bid by purchasing on behalf of the winning car dealer to prevent further negotiations of the pricing upon car collection. Car owners will be able to receive payment right after the auction has closed. Quotz bidding system reaches out to about 500 used car dealers in Singapore.

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Launched by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), STCars (previously known as ST701 Cars) offers motorists free basic advertisements listing, options to pay for premium service for sales, rental and leasing of commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars in Singapore. Similarly to the Sgcarmart interface, the platform do provide references to a list of motoring related services like auto workshop, financing, styling, dealers, grooming and insurance. STCars cater to people who want a more straightforward experience with direct contact of sellers.

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The DBS Car Marketplace

In collaboration with sgCarMart and Carro, the DBS platform is the largest direct marketplace which offers listing of property, cars, travel and electricity. For car owners, options of sale of cars, loan, car evaluation, roadside assistance, accessories and insurance renewal are available. Car owners can choose to list their vehicles on both sgCarMart and Carro platforms for free*!

*Terms & Conditions Applies.

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Carsome SG

One of Malaysia top startup, Carsome is the first Malaysian car portal which has network laid in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Carsome has a network of more than 3,404 participating car dealers with more than 35,000 cars sold via the platform. From vehicle inspection to delivery, Carsome facilities the entire car selling process including administrative works are well taken care of. Other than managing the online bidding system, they also operates more than 14 inspection centres. Carsome is also venturing into the Philippines and Vietnam market.

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Having said that, there are quite a lot of online platforms for car owners who are looking to sell their cars these days. With similar selling points of a hassle-free, competitive prices and fast transactions, car owners no longer need to go through used car dealers, being discounted of resale price and the painful process of having to entertain weird requests when settling the entire process on their own to fetch their desire price.

For car owners who are waiting for their new ride or monitoring the COE prices, do consider the short term car rental option. At ETHOZ, we offer a range of vehicles from sedan to MPVs for rental. For information on the make preferred and pricing, do call us at 66547788 or email us!

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