0% interest PC and Laptop Leasing
0% interest PC and Laptop Leasing

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    Free Up Your Cashflow for Business Expenses with our 0% Interest PC, MAC and Laptop Leasing

    Free up your line of credit! Improve your cashflow for other areas of priority such as business and revenue expenses. Leasing your IT equipment is the most cost-effective option that allows you to acquire equipment.

    At ETHOZ, We are offering a 0% interest  24-months leasing package for all types of PC, iMac, Macbook Pro or Laptop Leasing for a minimum quotation of $10,000. 100% no Hidden cost!

    No Brand Limitations! Lease Based On What Your Business Needs!

    dell pc laptop leasing

    DELL Computer / Laptop leasing

    iMac Macbook Laptop Leasing

    Apple IMac / Macbook Air / Macbook Pro Leasing

    lenovo pc laptop leasing

    Lenovo Computer / Laptop Leasing


    Why Do You Need Computer or Laptop Leasing


    Improve Liquidity

    As a business owner, cash flow distribution is an important concern. To acquire equipment for your business needs, making a large sum purchase may not be the wisest option. With a low initial down payment, leasing is a more cost-effective option that allows you to acquire equipment. This frees up cash flow for other areas of priority such as business expansion.


    Free Up Line of Credit

    A benefit of equipment leasing is freeing up your lines of credit. From office automation to industrial machines, equipment is essential for many businesses. There are a number of financing arrangements that allow a business to acquire equipment, such as term loans. However, using a term loan to purchase equipment may take up a sizeable proportion of your loan and reduces your line of credit. Equipment leasing frees up your line of credit to obtain additional financing. In addition, equipment leasing uses the equipment itself as collateral. Therefore, any other collateral your business owns can be used to secure additional financing.


    Flexibility to Upgrade

    For some industries, businesses are at a big disadvantage if your equipment becomes obsolete. Apart from the technical competitive edge, equipment is also an extension of your brand and contributes to your customer brand perception. While it is impractical to purchase new equipment every year or two, leasing allows you to constantly equip your company with cutting edge equipment.

    Application Made Simple

    How to apply

    quotation for equipment leasing

    Get quotation from any of your preferred vendor (Min quotation value $10,000)

    submit leasing application

    Submit your application through the form above


    Our RM will contact you to request for your quotation and any supporting docs for verification. This might take around 3-5 working days

    pc laptop equipment leasing approved

    Once your application is approved, ETHOZ will proceed with the 24-month 0% interest leasing agreement with you

    We Have You In Mind

    Frequently Asked Question

    Computer, Laptop Leasing allows you to enjoy the profit-generating benefits of having your own equipment without the headaches of asset depreciation. This is an ideal financing option for companies looking to increase liquidity and improve cash flow.

    ETHOZ will retrieve back the equipment at the end of the lease. However, if you like to keep the equipment, you may request to purchase from ETHOZ at Fair Market Value.

    Yes you can. However, there will be a interest rate from 1.88% Flat P.A. for a 36-months tenure or more.
    There is no restriction within 1 quotation as long as it is valued at more than  $10,000, so you can lease based on your business’ need. (Example, 2 x Macbook Pro + 6 x Surface Pro + 4 x Lenovo Thinkpad in 1 quotation is eligible too!)
    Yes we do offer Printer Leasing, Copier leasing and many other type of IT equipment leasing too. However, there will be a interest rate from 3.5% Flat P.A. depending on the equipment type that is leased.
    We also offer industrial, construction, medical, marine equipment leasings too. Contact us for more details.

    We Have You In Mind

    What Set Us Apart

    Extensive & Customisable Solutions

    Fast Application

    Flexible Payment Tenure

    Experienced Team

    Personal Relationship Manager

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