Meet Evo The Eagle, ETHOZ Group’s New Mascot

Singapore, 3rd July 2016 – ETHOZ Group (, a fully integrated automotive and financial services company, today announced the launch of their new mascot – Evo The Eagle.


The eagle, recognized as one of the most majestic avian species representing strength and vision, are typical hallmarks great leaders. The ability to anticipate, adapt and evolve have seen ETHOZ Group grow from a small car rental company in 1981 to a multi-faceted conglomerate specializing in multiple industries today.

Evo The Eagle is a culmination of the values which have driven ETHOZ’s EVO-lution.

“Today’s highly connected world implores businesses to change and adapt constantly within a short span of time. Companies, especially service providers, must be able to evolve quickly to ever changing market conditions and trends to remain competitive and relevant” said Ms. Cindy Oh, CEO of ETHOZ Group. “Evo is representation of our commitment to this belief to continue innovating and breaking new ground.”

Evo is designed with the Group’s corporate colours, white and blue, which are highly associated with its brand identity. The striped semi-circle design on its chest represents a tribute to the Group’s original company name – Orient Car Leasing Pte Ltd. The same striped design is incorporated underneath its eyes, representing a forward-looking company with a deep appreciation of its roots. Recognizing the importance of ETHOZ’s internal and external stakeholders, the soft rounded edges convey to its employees, customers and vendors approachability and flexibility.

The Group aims to further strengthen its online presence with the introduction of Evo as its digital persona since revamping and launching its website and social media accounts a year ago. To kick things off, an online contest is currently underway through the month of July. To enter, visit ETHOZ Group’s mascot webpage ( or its Facebook page ( to learn more.

About ETHOZ Group

ETHOZ Group, incorporated since 1981, is a market leader in integrated automotive solutions and a forerunner in the financial services market in Singapore, providing capital financing and equipment leasing services. The Company also has offices in Malaysia and major cities in China.

At ETHOZ, It’s All About Value. ETHOZ is accessible through their website

Services Provided:

Financial Services (
Short Term and Long Term Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Rental (
Private Hire Rental (
Limousine Services (
Accident Reporting and Vehicle Workshop (

For media enquiries:

Eugene Kang
Assistant Vice President, Marketing
+65 6654 7755

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