New Dual Currency Combi Cards for Singaporean and Malaysian drivers launching in Q4 2019 (1)

New Dual Currency Combi Cards for Singaporean and Malaysian drivers launching in Q4 2019

There are two common problems for drivers who are frequent travelers in and out of Malaysia and Singapore. First of all, is to locate a top up machine for your ezlink card, nets Cashcard or touch ‘n’ go card in times of need, especially when top-up services are no longer available at the checkpoints and you are stuck at the gantry, flushed with embarrassment for holding up the queue with insufficient card value.

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Secondly, to manage and carry different cards at all times for different purposes can be fairly troublesome. Imagine having to carry a heavy wallet around and to keep track of the different card value and bills all the time. Are you a minimalist who likes to keep things simple? Here’s an upcoming solution which may help to declutter the different cards in your purse and wallet! There’s a new card on its way which will solve these issues for both Malaysian and Singaporean drivers.  

Solution: Dual Currency Combi Card

Targeted to launch in quarter 4 of 2019, Ezlink Pte Ltd and Touch ‘N’ Go have announced a joint collaboration to launch the dual currency combi card which will the first in Southeast Asia to host electronic wallets from the two countries.  Supporting both Singapore dollar and Malaysia ringgit, the card can be used for payment of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in Singapore, toll charges in Malaysia and parking in both countries as a start. The two currencies will be store and used separately in the card, meaning that users can only pay for transactions made in Malaysia with ringgit. Users will not be able to make payment for toll charges in Malaysia with Singapore dollar stored in the card if the ringgit balance is insufficient.

Currently, top up details have not been released at this point of time. Apart from transport, there are also future plans where the card usage will be extended to dining and shopping options. With the new card, it will be more convenient for drivers who are making plans to Malaysia and Singapore for a short road trip this year end. For car rental goers and car owners entering Malaysia from Singapore, do remember to make sure the vehicle is registered with the vehicle entry permit (VEP) from October onwards.

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