New Year New You: How to Take Your SME Business into 2021

Right after a year of significant economic impact to the world due to the unpredictable disease outbreak of Covid-19, Singapore has introduced a list of comprehensive financial support to help businesses weather through the storms. We’ll look at some of the measures that will help SME businesses to grow in 2021 in this article. There will also be recommendations on how SME businesses can upgrade themselves to the next level in 2021’s markets.

Government Support

The number of SME businesses that ultimately fail to survive due to the pandemic will depend largely on governmental financial support. Thus, the government has been considering certain initiatives on how SME businesses would fare under different scenarios. These scenarios could influence the extent and selection of initiatives to different SMEs who will continue to receive government support.

Jobs Support Scheme

The newly launched JSS will help SME businesses to retain and keep their local employees. This helps to boost and develop the local talent market in SMEs, ultimately bringing in more imported gross capital to Singapore. The initiatives will be extended by up to seven months until March 2021. Industries such as the finance, automotive, retail, service can take note of such initiatives.

Jobs Growth Incentive 

Through the new $1 billion incentives, local employees in the industries can expect to receive governmental wage support that will be offered, especially for new local hires in firms that increase their total local headcount. SME companies in the relevant sectors can take note of hiring locals to be in the priority list of obtaining these incentives.

Support for rental

Some businesses can defer certain contractual obligations, such as rental payments, loan repayments, and completing work. This can be applied to SME food and beverage, retail, service, construction businesses and so on. These implementations will help to relieve SME businesses from additional cost burden after COVID-19’s detrimental impact. However, all property tax rebates must be passed on in full, to tenants.

Support for financing

This support for financing applies to the temporary bridging loans and financing schemes announced in the 2019’s Unity Budget. The government’s liability share is currently up from 80% to 90% for loans until 31 March 2021.  This means that SME businesses who are currently riding through the storms can receive additional fund support. Furthermore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has added on their aid for SME businesses’ cash flows together with the financial industry, with their following initiatives: Enterprise Financing Scheme, Temporary Bridging Loan Programme, Property Tax Rebate from the Unity Budget and so on.

Further Support From Automotive Industry

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