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Spread Positivity, Not Negativity


It’s Thursday morning again. There is no sign of sunrays peeking in the way children describe the morning sun in their compositions. Instead, there is this dull ache in the bones, a nagging voice that tells you it’s time to get out of bed.


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It is the same nagging voice that keeps your feet on the ground, right through the door and throughout the entire day. Time flies by as we busy ourselves and the biggest concern we possibly have is what to eat for lunch despite being spoilt for choice.


Elsewhere, in war-stricken Syria, families are torn apart and separated. Children are fighting for a chance at another tomorrow while others are fighting to rescue these people from the vicious cycle.


It’s plastered all over social media – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram; we read all about it and sometimes we pay too much attention to the bad news. Even in our little big cities built within unbreakable wars, we read about murders and crime against animals.


The abundance of bad news sure is depressing. And we definitely don’t have to snowball that negativity onto others.


Be kind


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Be kind to those you don’t know and be kinder to those you know. It is the small things in life that matter more. Little gestures like holding the door and saying thank you go a long way – actions you never thought mattered actually make a huge difference.


Practice gratitude


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Maybe you’re caught in a darned situation and it’s driving you nuts but the best you can do is to find something worth being thankful for. And you know when you’re feeling good, the universe works to bring you more of what makes you feel good. And positive vibes always rub off others.


Fake it till you make it

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We all have those days we don’t really feel… happy. But smile nonetheless! Smiling puts you and the people around you in a more positive mood. It works even when you don’t feel like smiling. Force yourself to smile for 30 seconds if you’re feeling a little negative, and see what happens!


Give encouragement

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There is so much discouragement in the world – you may hear it from people around you, you may receive negativity from the TV and news. In fact, many of us will back down from doing something we want to do because of that atmosphere of discouragement. Instead, be that exception and encourage people to believe in themselves.


Stop complaining


People who complain about every situation in their life are often considered toxic when establishing some kind of bond. (And I always say eliminating toxic people from your life warrants a “good riddance!”) Nobody feels comfortable around someone who only sees the negative side of life and who assumes that others do too.


Let go of your fears


Fear is often one of the biggest obstacles to meaningful steps forward. While it is definitely uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone, letting that fear of dictate your life almost always prevents you from doing what you want. Let go and dare to face the consequences! It is a great way to increase positive thoughts and good vibes.


Laughter is the medicine

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It’s a fact not all of us are born comedians but here’s the thing about being funny” you get better at it the more you practice! Being funny actually means being positive, being able to turn even the bleakest situation into a funny one. (Of course, there is a time to be serious and there is also a time to be silly and childish so choose wisely!)


You’ll find that in a world where negativity spreads like wildfire, it is almost impossible to avoid it all together. But what you can avoid is spreading the gloom further. Emotions are contagious. So spread them good vibes onto others, even if you struggle to find one some days.


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