Take a Road Trip Around Singapore and Discover these Hidden Gems

Take a Road Trip Around Singapore and Discover These Hidden Gems

Many of us often lament that Singapore is too small and there’s nothing much to do on our tiny little island. However, for those who’re willing to break away from the hustle and bustle of our metropolitan city and venture out to find some of Singapore’s secret spots, you’ll find yourself in unique places you never knew existed!

Beyond the numerous urban attractions Singapore has to offer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover charming areas of the city off the beaten paths–you won’t even feel like you’re in Singapore anymore! While some of these places are found in obscure locations, simply opt for a short term car rental, wind down your windows and go on a nice little road trip! For those who are in need of a short and sweet escapade, keep reading to discover 5 of Singapore’s hidden gems!

1.  Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle 



If you’re looking for some hands-on activities where you can literally get your hands dirty, why not try your hand at some authentic pottery making! Located beside NTU, you can find the oldest functioning dragon kiln in Singapore, also known as Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle. For those who’re wondering what exactly a dragon kiln is, it’s a long firing chamber that is used for firing ceramics and gives Chinese porcelain its distinctive glazed exterior.

A hidden treasure, there’s no better place you can learn the basics of clay shaping or even have a chance to fire your own creations in the kiln. Let your creative juices flow in this hidden cultural gem of a place and create your own unique masterpiece!

2.  Aquarium Iwarna



Tucked away in Pasir Ris Farmway, Aquarium Iwarna is located in a rather secluded area, perfect for those who’re looking for some peace and quiet while they sit back and unwind as they go prawning! The process of prawning can be rather therapeutic — enjoying the serene waters while patiently waiting for a tug on your line.

To top it all off, you can even grill your fresh catches and enjoy some scrumptious seafood! At $14 per hour, Aquarium Iwarna is the cheapest prawning spot in Singapore. So if you’re looking for some time alone, or maybe more private time with your special someone away from all the usual distractions, head down this weekend and unwind at this tranquil spot!

3.  Cafe Colbar  



A rustic and charming hideout, Cafe Colbar will definitely take you on a journey to the past with its characteristic retro interiors — from the wooden tables to the old-fashioned furniture! Short for Colonial Bar, Cafe Colbar initially functioned as a canteen for the old British Army and it’s safe to say that it has stood the test of time and managed to retain its character.

Located in a rather elusive area along Portsdown Road, you can find authentic Hainanese style Western food here which are also priced affordably. For those cafe hoppers out there who are always in pursuit of quaint little cafes, Cafe Colbar will guarantee you an experience like no other!

4.  Sembawang Hot Springs



If you’re craving a rejuvenating onsen experience, there’s no need to travel all the way to Japan for it! Singapore’s only hot spring, located in Sembawang Hot Spring Park has recently reopened with even better features while still being reminiscent of its rustic kampung heritage. Located along Gambas Ave, the Sembawang Hot Spring is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm and makes for a great spot for those who’re looking for a fun and relaxing time. 

The park consists of a cascading pool where the water cools naturally by flowing down the four-tiered pools. For the ultimate onsen experience, there is even an egg cooking station where you can collect water and cook your very own onsen eggs!

Besides the hot spring which is the main attraction, there are also educational zones where you can learn about the history of the hot springs. Even with things getting heated up, you can be guaranteed a chill time at Sembawang Hot Springs!

5.  Gardenasia


In such a densely populated country like Singapore, many of us find ourselves wishing for some space away from all the crowds for a breath of fresh air. Luckily, despite our mostly urban landscape, Singapore still has some obscure staycation spots that let us have a well-deserved holiday without even having to take a plane!

Our top pick, Gardenasia, is located right in the middle of Kranji countryside and houses villas with a traditional colonial design, a bistro where you can enjoy some of the best fusion dishes and also has a large event space for those who want to host special events here! Enjoy all the tropical vibes of a villa getaway, without having to travel abroad.

Explore Hidden Gems With Car Rental in Singapore

Despite being a tiny country, getting around to some of these hidden treasures can be quite a journey, even with our efficient public transport system. However, this shouldn’t stop you in your quest to discover the secret spots in Singapore! Renting a car in Singapore is a way to go about planning your next mini road trip to one of these unique destinations. If you’re looking for short term car rental options and need some help with this process, simply give our team at ETHOZ a call at 66547788 or drop us an email at contactus@ethozgroup.com!

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