Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers

Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers

The integration of smartphones has improved our daily lives, including our driving experience. In this article, we have compiled 6 car apps that are an absolute must-have for Singaporean drivers, featuring a couple of new kids on the block. These apps address common driving woes, all at a few taps on your smartphone. To name a few key functions – streamlining the parking process, valet services, on-demand doorstep grooming services, seamless online renewal of your COE, stepping around traffic congestion as well as linking one up with good parking deals.

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Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers -


As Singapore moves towards electronic payment systems, printed parking coupons will soon be a nostalgic memory of the past. Introduced by the Government Technology Agency, in collaboration with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Housing Development Board (HDB), the app aims to replace printed coupons. The app addresses a few pertinent pitfalls of its old-school predecessor. Issues include inconvenience in repurchasing, possibility of tearing out your hair along with the wrong date, and overpaying when you understay the designated parking period of 30 minutes. Gone are the days when one has to outrun the summon aunties when the coupon is about to expire. The app alerts you when your coupon is about to expire and you can extend the parking time at your fingertips. Additionally, this app refunds any unused balance on your parking coupons, hence you are essentially paying for exactly how long you have parked.

2. Jocky

Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers - Jocky App

Image: Jocky

With an increased awareness of the dangers of drink-driving, many have turned to valet services. Conventionally, a responsible driver would have to return home to park one’s car, then head to the drinking location via chauffeured services. With the app, drive straight to the drinking location with the assurance that both beloved car and yourself will be sent home safely. Feeling fuzzy after a couple of drinks? With the GPS function, Jocky auto-detects your location. A booking can be completed within three taps. Charges are a flat rate of $38 per trip with $10 per additional drop-off. Jocky stands out from a sea of valet apps as it taps on the benefits of crowdsourcing. It helps the industry maximize its resources by forming a partnership with existing valet companies. Aside from serving our party-loving drivers, this app is also a lifesaver for those with medical conditions or unfit to drive.

3. Shiokr

Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers - Shiokr App

Image: Shiokr

One of the new kids on the block, Shiokr launched on the first day of Chinese New Year this year and is quickly gaining traction. Singapore’s first and only waterless car wash service, the service extends beyond the traditional limits of designated washing bays. It is essentially, a doorstep service. With an eco-friendly approach, the waterless wash wax which boasts of usage by the Air Force One, military and corporate planes around the world, saves an estimated average of 200 litres of water per wash. The service is currently priced at $14.90. This is comparable to the price of a conventional car wash at the petrol station, sans the time and inconvenience to travel there, queueing time and copious amounts of water wastage. The high 4.7 rating on its Facebook supported by detailed reviews is a testament of its success.


Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers -


Looking to sell your car in 24 hours without having to deal with pesky middlemen? Keen to find out your COE expiry or renew it? Require the latest road congestion updates to plan your route? app is an all-in-one vehicle management app that has all the aforementioned tools. It allows you to list and sell your car online. You can also sell, scrap, and renew your COE directly without having to log into your LTA account. The app allows you to receive and contribute to live time updates on the road to ease congestion. The icing on the cake? gives out petrol rebates to users whom collectively contribute to these live updates.

5. Mobile@HDB

Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers - Mobile@HDB App

Image: Mobile@HDB

For the majority (80%) of Singaporeans staying in Housing Development Board apartments, this app comes in handy. Introduced by the stat board itself, the Mobile@HDB app offers a full suite of features for all areas related to HDB. For drivers or car owners, the app allows you to purchase, renew, transfer or terminate your car HDB season parking. Minimal information is required – your vehicle details and if you are making payment, credit card details. You can also use this app to check on the status of and pay your HDB parking summons. It saves you the hassle of heading down to the physical HDB office. HDB carpark location and lots availability can also be obtained from the app.

6. Carpark Rates

Top 6 Useful Car Apps for Singaporean Drivers - Parking Rates App

Image: Carpark Rates

Ever driven into town for lunch on a whim and wondered where to find an affordable parking spot? Parking fees in town can be exorbitant but this car app changes the game. With a multitude of filters, it allows you to choose filters such as distance and lot availability. This allows you to suss out good parking deals if a short stroll to and fro your vehicle is not an issue.
All in all, these apps harness technology to make the Singaporean driving experience a much smoother ride. With cost-efficient, time-efficient and eco-efficient approaches, these car apps leave smartphone users with little reason not to utilise them. Trust us, these 6 car apps are worthy of the phone space.


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