Types of (Good) Colleagues In The Office – Inspired by ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (SPOILER ALERT)

KBS2’s mega-hit drama, “Descendants of the Sun (a.k.a DotS) first aired on February 24, and quickly exploded into public consciousness easily becoming one of Korea’s (and the region’s) most popular TV series. In case you have never watched it, here’s a quick synopsis – DotS takes place in the unknown land of Urk, and tells the tales of soldiers and doctors who are dispatched to a disaster-torn country. It is a human melodrama that tracks the personal, and professional struggles and sacrifices of Dr. Kang Mo Yeon and Army Captain Yoo Si Jin, who fell in love with one another, showing how even in the midst of calamity, people can love and band together in solidarity.

Like DotS, we spend at least 8 hours a day with our colleagues. Like it or not, we will have to deal with their idiosyncrasies and quirks. Some we like, some drive us up the wall. Here are 4 (good) office types you have probably worked with, inspired by the four main leads from Descendants of the Sun:

The Lame (but adorable) Joker

“I hope you don’t think my kiss is bad. I did it after thinking a thousand times”


In DotS, Yoo Si Jin (played by Song Joong-ki), utters some pretty cheesy lines at times but somehow they’re not cringe-worthy due to his smooth delivery and because he looks like he’s bred from genetic perfection. Liken to Yoo Si Jin in the office, there will usually be one colleague who is constantly cracking lame jokes, yet everyone enjoys having this person around as the jokes are harmless and inoffensive. However, we are pretty sure this colleague isn’t as swoon-worthy as him.


The Superwoman

“You should never believe anything without checking it yourself with your own eyes”


Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye-kyo) is a doctor who works night shifts and literally lives in the operating theatre. Not simply a pretty face, she is capable, has strong work ethics, and determined to see her work through no matter what.

The reason why the character of Kang Mo Yeon is garnering interest lies here as well. She loves her work and confidently expresses her values, instead of just following her romantic whims. While showing strong passion and top-class skills in the surgery room, the fact that she became a doctor despite being “the best in mathematics out of Korean, English, and Math” and states that her “courage lies in working as hard as she is paid” reveals a bit of her practical side.

She’s the colleague in the office who is involved in every single project, always scurrying around to the next meeting, perpetually buried in thought. Her plate is full and yet she completes her work efficiently and the bosses have no bone to pick with her, other than the fact that she always leaves the office later than they do. One wonders if the office would collapse without the Superwoman around.


The Silent (but effective) Introvert

“I ran away because it was an order, it wasn’t my own will”


Every workplace has representatives of the ‘introverted’ personality type. Introverts tend to keep to themselves, preferring one-on-one conversations and solo work, much like Seo Dae Young (played by Jin Goo), a ‘man of few words’, who doesn’t know how to express himself freely. His job is mostly administrative, writing mission reports, etc.

The Introvert does not waste time cajoling with his colleagues and prefers to be left to his own devices. Normally not in the limelight, this colleague simply blends in with the rest and executes whatever get thrown at him without question. While they are generally open to working in teams, their potential is best unleashed when working alone. Perfect candidates to assign individual projects or administrative work, you can be assured The Introvert will not only get the job done, but done well. Even if he thinks the assignment is the dumbest thing in the world.

The only drawback is you may forget the task was ever assigned to him as he will probably leave the completed report buried on your desk unannounced.

The Blue Blood (in a good way)

“Please don’t get hurt. This is an order. Keep this promise with your life.”


First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Joo (played by Kim Ji Won), is the only daughter of the Commander of the Unconventional Warfare Task Force, and the so-called “general’s daughter.” She’s related to the brass, so good luck dealing with her. She also happens to be romantically involved with Dae Young (The Introvert). Although beneath her brash mannerisms lies a heart of gold, her haughtiness often puts her at odds with others. Pulling rank will not help either – ordered by the General to stop dating each other, Dae Young stops seeing her (of course), but Myung Joo is relentless in pursuing her desires.

She’s going to be high-handed. It’s her way, or the highway. Even with her loved ones.

While it’s easy to associate this character as the typical boss’ pet and how everyone (probably) hates this colleague yet pretends otherwise for the sake of their livelihood (or else!), we will avoid the low hanging fruit and focus more on her positive traits instead.

Myung Joo is that colleague who has certain influence within the office and knows it. While not the top dog around, she has no problem telling the bosses what she thinks because she recognizes her own capabilities and genuinely believes it is the best choice, even if it is an unpopular opinion. Some will admire her confidence while others loathe her bossy attitude and natural advantage. Working with this colleague is equal parts pain and pleasure– her stubbornness (coupled with her influence) will force you into conformity regardless of your protests, yet you know she will deliver solid work regardless making everyone on her team look good.


So… how many colleagues did you spot in this article? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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