6 Ways to Avoid Burnout at Work

If you are a workaholic, committed to work too much or just spend your time between work and office while doing nothing else during the week, then, chances are you will start to burnout and may start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and even depressed. Below you can find some recommendations for motivating yourself and more importantly to avoid feeling burned out.


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#1 Sleep well

A good night sleep is a key element for waking up fresh the following day. On average people need approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Therefore, if you sleep less than 7 hours the night before, it is very likely that you will feel less energetic and as a result, it will be more difficult for you to concentrate on your work.


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#2 – Learn to say No

You cannot keep up with every task and project. You have to set your boundaries and learn to say no to meaningless tasks for your career. Every promise you made adds another work on your plate and divides your energy. When you divide your energy between many tasks, you start to lose your efficiency and hence, you under deliver.


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#3 – Exercise

Regular exercising reduces stress and decreases tension. Also, it boosts your mood and makes you happier. Thus, it prevents depression. Exercising after work or during lunch hour will help you clear your mind, relax and recharge your brain. Therefore, you can become more productive and your performance increases.


#4 – Have a hobby

Having a hobby outside of work makes you happier as well as lets you use different skillsets. It also helps you meet new people who share a common interest with you. Therefore, you can at least talk about something other than work and take a break. Playing Pokemon GO is one good example, almost every other person we know plays it, makes you get out of your chair to go outside and walk around, and it is definitely a good conversation starter.


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#5 – Ask for help

When you are stressed or feel burned out, ask for help. You don’t need to get embarrassed for asking help from your co-workers. Probably, you will reach a solution or finish off your task much faster with two or more people compared to you working alone. Don’t forget that nobody can do everything alone and that is why generally people work in teams.


#6 – Go on a Vacation

Some people like to save up their vacation days and rarely use them. However, the goal of a vacation day is to give you some time during the year to relax, de-stress, have fun and spend more time with your family and friends. Therefore, don’t be one of those people and use your vacation days. Preferably, change your location and go to another city or even another country to do your vacation. We are sure you will feel much happier and energetic when you get back to work.


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