Top 5 Weirdest Things People Have Been Fired For

Earlier in July, an Australian guy was promptly fired because of Pokemon Go in SingaporeSonny Truyen, was given the sack from property portal company after posting on Facebook: “You can’t ****ing catch pokemon in this piece of ****ing s*** country.” Again, in another news article in July, a hedge fund manager got fired for hosting a big and wild Hamptons party.

These piqued our curiosity on other things that people have been fired for, and we have put together the top 5 weirdest things people have been fired for. Check out our list below.

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#1 – Fired for Dancing in Gangnam Style Parody

Is going viral against the law? A British police squad recorded a remake of “Gangnam Style” to raise money for a 12-year-old boy struggling with a brain tumor. One of the officers in the video was reported for gross misconduct and was fired after the popular parody was published. This was despite the fact that the video got over 100,000 views and raised more than $13,000 for charity. Read the full story here.


#2 – Fired for keeping children safe from sharks


(Photo: BBC)

A British tourist was hailed as a hero for wrestling a shark away from an Australian beach. Paul Marshallsea, 62, grabbed the shark’s tail as it swam towards children playing in the shallows after hearing cries of ‘shark’. His story made headlines across the world.

Upon returning to Britain from holiday, he was horrified to discover a letter from his company dismissing him ‘with immediate effect’. His bosses had decided that he was skiving after seeing footage of him wrestling the shark. Read the full story here.


#3 – The Coach Fired for Beating a Team 100-0

When you’re a basketball coach, your goal is to help your team win – preferably as comfortably as possible. But there’s apparently a strict definition of exactly how comfortable is too comfortable, as Micah Grimes found out in 2009. That was the year he guided his girl’s high school basketball team to a 100-0 victory over an opposing team, which was from an academy that specializes in helping kids with learning differences, such as dyslexia.

The Covenant School, where Grimes coached, is a private Christian school. It determined that running up the score was not “Christlike”, and therefore was an embarrassment to the school. Grimes refused to apologize, and people in attendance noted that spectators were egging the team on as they approached the 100-point mark.


#4 – Australian Miners Fired for doing the Harlem Shake down a Mineshaft

The Harlem Shake was another internet sensation like Gangnam Style, planking and the Ice Bucket Challenge. Their Harlem Shake wasn’t a particularly noteworthy attempt, except that there’s rock everywhere and the guy doing the worm is doing it in ten inches of muddy water.

It didn’t really have a funny side, especially not for the bosses – they fired everyone involved, including people who were just watching, for breaching safety rules. Immediately a Facebook group was set up to reinstate the miners, because that’s the sort of thing the internet focuses its energy on. It is worth to note that up to 4,000 videos of Harlem Shake variations are uploaded on to the internet daily then in 2013.


#5 – Fired for saying “ho-ho-ho” as Santa Claus


(Photo: Dailymail)

“Ho-ho-ho” is a no-no for departmental store in Cairns, Northern Australia. John Oakes, 70, got his marching orders after the store decreed that women might be offended because ‘ho’ is American slang for a whore. Instead, he was supposed to say Ha-ha-ha.

He was also found guilty of singing Jingle Bells at the Myer department store in Cairns, Northern Australia.

“They’re are trying to kill the spirit of Christmas,” said Mr Oakes, who has been a Santa for ten years.

Read the full story here.


From dailymail, Users of secret-sharing app, Whisper, have revealed the most outrageous reasons they’ve got the sack such as:

“I tell everyone I got laid off from a job because of pay cuts but I got fired because I stole people’s food from the fridge”
“Today I got fired from McDonald’s for calling a co-worker ‘Mcb*tch’”
“I got fired from Starbucks for drawing a p**** on a girl’s caramel macchiato. She called corporate lol”
“I was fired from work today. For farting in a very important meeting.”
“I was just fired because I couldn’t staple papers to my boss’s satisfaction.”


If you know of any other weirder things people have been fired for, please share with us in the comment box below. We would love to hear it.

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