Ways Renting a Car in Singapore Can Help You Save Money

4 Ways Renting a Car in Singapore Can Help You Save Money This Year

In this time of social distancing, it is advisable to avoid crowds and public transport in order to minimise exposure and worries. However, taking taxis or private hire vehicles may not be financially feasible for every grocery and food takeaway run you have to do either. In such a situation, having a vehicle at your disposal would be the most ideal and convenient.

Having said that, car ownership, on top of being expensive and a big commitment comes with its fair share of concerns and hassles. Renting a car can help you sidestep and avoid many of the concerns that come with buying a car, so keep reading to discover how car rental in Singapore can help you save money this year!

1)  Renting has a significantly cheaper initial cost

As we all know, when you buy a car in Singapore, you have to contend with the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system. The COE amounts to a sizable portion of the cost of the car and, in recent times, runs up to tens of thousands of dollars.

On top of this, car dealerships will also include in their margin in the sale price which allows them to turn a profit. These add to the daunting total cost of buying a car, which results in a large downpayment that you have to put down to secure a car (up to 40% of the purchase price).

For the remainder of the purchase price, many often take out a bank loan on which you would have to pay the interest rate (up to 3%). Comparatively, for car rentals in Singapore, you simply have to put down 1-2 months of the rental amount without having to worry about loans and interest rates.

2)  Car rental in Singapore is hassle-free!

Another common saying I’m sure we’ve all heard in Singapore regarding car ownership is that a car is a liability, rather than an asset. When you’re shopping for a car there are many things to consider, some with their own confusing acronym: OMV (open market value), ARF (additional registration fee), COE (certificate of entitlement), GST, excise duty, road tax, insurance, and depreciation value. Not only do these all add up and cost you more money in both the short and long term, but they can also be a hassle to you as you seek to get the best value and bang for your buck.

At ETHOZ, all you have to consider when you want to rent a car are your needs and your budget, and we can find the best possible fit for you. With car rental, there is also no need for a long wait — you can even drive off with a car as soon as the day itself after signing the rental agreement.   

3)  After-sales support

While cars are becoming more and more reliable as technology advances, we shouldn’t take for granted the fact that breakdowns, or worse, accidents, can still happen. In such an unfortunate situation, you can call ETHOZ’s 24/7 call centre which will provide a solution for you at no extra cost.

Additionally, ETHOZ has offices located conveniently in the west and east of Singapore, at Bukit Batok and Tampines respectively, for you to report any accidents. There, our team will help you with the paperwork for insurance claims and also arrange for repairs for the car.

These will all be covered under the insurance package that comes with our rental agreements, so you will only have to pay at most a minimal excess which covers repair works of the rental car as well as third party claim if any. While the car is gone for repairs, servicing or maintenance, a replacement car will also be provided for you so you will not have to worry about spending additional money to rent temporary transport!

4)  Wide variety and flexibility of rental arrangements to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for a long-term option or short-term spin, ETHOZ has the solution for you. From one weekend to multi-year rental agreements, you are sure to find the right car and arrangement that best suits your individual needs and situation.

We can offer you the comfort and convenience of a car for your desired amount of time, without the actual commitment and associated costs of owning a car for 10 years (for the commitment-phobic people out there, this must be music to your ears!). Furthermore, for those looking for a longer-term car rental solution, signing a new agreement at the end of every contract term also allows you to ‘change to a new car’ every 2-3 years!

Affordable Transport Options in Singapore

Although it is not often thought about as a viable alternative to owning a car, car rental in Singapore is straightforward and hassle-free, covering everything you would need and allowing you to drive a car away basically instantly. Should any issues arise on the road you can also call the 24/7 ETHOZ hotline, especially in inconvenient situations like breakdowns and accidents. There will also be no disruption and major inconveniences, as a replacement car will be provided to you while the car is undergoing servicing and repairs. For the car rental arrangement that best suits your needs, you can reach our team at ETHOZ at 6654 7788, or via email at contactus@ethozgroup.com and we will make sure to match you with your car!

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