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At ETHOZ, it’s all about value. As an integrated Automotive and Financial solutions provider, we want to deliver only the best to our clients and provide them with exceptional value. Check out this section for informative news and updates where you can find out more on how our services can help you and also keep yourself updated on the latest trends and happenings in the market.

Loan Services For Entrepreneurs
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a brilliant business idea? Don’t let financial constraints hold you back! ETHOZ
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Electric Commercial Vehicles Are Finally Here, What Does It Mean For Us?
You might have noticed electric commercial vehicles making rapid inroads into the local automobile industry of late, with
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What to prepare when applying for a Corporate Loan
There comes a time when every company is faced with the need for additional financing that is beyond
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Urban Farming at ETHOZ ROOF GARDEN
As a small city-state with limited land resource, Singapore depends heavily on imported food supply. Only 1% of
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How Working Capital Management Can Improve Profitability
What is Working Capital? The lifeblood of a company is cash. To be more exact, liquidity. Working Capital
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Additional Fees to Look Out For When Renting a Car
Having a car to use is the ultimate expression of freedom. Being able to go anywhere, at any
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Mercedes Benz Servicing: How To Tell If Your Mechanic Is Overcharging You
With its well-refined, majestic lines, a Mercedes car has always evoked desire in both drivers and passengers alike.
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5 Common Problems Every Commercial Vehicle Owner Faces
Interest rates are rising, COE prices are up, inflation is soaring and oil prices increases are simply merciless.
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The Advantages of Cheap Car Rentals With a Reputable Company Versus Unestablished Ones
The brands that are synonymous with short term car rentals have long been household names. When most people
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