7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire A Limo Service in Singapore

A limousine, or known as limo for short, is a large and long luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur. It consists of a very long luxury sedan (with more than four doors) driven by a professional driver. Undoubtedly, limos are very expensive luxury vehicles typically used for special occasions. However, there are a handful of benefits to hiring a limo car rental service. They are regarded as ‘royal vehicles’, which is highly honored by companies who hire the service. There has been an uprising trend of limo car rentals for special occasions due to its numerous advantages. In Singapore, more people are considering hiring a limo service. Thus, we have summarised a comprehensive list of benefits of using a limo service in Singapore.

1.  Reliability

The price and features of a limo have far exceeded the quality of a normal car. Thus, companies wouldn’t want to exclude the element of quality while providing a limo service. Like a ‘royal vehicle’, limo service means a lot to the ones who provide it. Thus, you can rest assured that the ride will be punctual, convenient, luxurious, top-notch and comfortable. Wherever you want to travel, you won’t have a bumpy ride. Due to such reasons, many people are opting to get a limo service for an airport transportation service as well.

2.   Security

With quality based service, you will be safe in the limo vehicle, as well as on the road. Companies providing a limo service have strict measures and regulations while choosing their driver and providing the car. Experienced drivers, all of whom have been screened in detail and extensively trained in safety driving, are selected to secure the safety of the passengers. Besides, these drivers possess professional traits such as politeness, calmness, and courtesy. Respecting the passengers’ time and privacy is also imperative in the industry. In overall, punctuality, safety, and trustworthiness are desirable qualities of limo drivers. All conversations and actions in the back of the car remain private and confidential. Thus, you can rest assured that the one driving is more than a normal professional.

3.   Prestige

For your guest, being chauffeured in a limo is a sign of visible prestige that cannot be understated, not only because he is riding in a polished car—which is constantly renewed—but also because the car has every comfort thanks to its features.

A local limo service would include every important feature in the vehicle. A limo car rental company will try its best to leave a lasting impression on passengers by walking the extra mile. For instance, there will be added-on features such as availability of iced drinks or beverages, food and music in the car. Moreover, the internal looks of some limo vehicles are well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing.

4.   Privacy

Sometimes, you want your ride to be completely private. The limo is spacious and long enough for you or your friends to have some time for yourselves. Unlike a normal car service, the limo service provides a private and comfortable setting for all. Professional limo services have:

  • Drivers who have received confidentiality training
  • Confidentiality procedures for maintaining privacy between passengers and the driver

5.  Comfort

All the above benefits mentioned contributed to a limo service being more comfortable than any other car services. A limo service provides reliability, security, privacy and comfort for their passengers. Imagine having a spacious internal car space with comfortable seats in the vehicle. With almost nothing to complain of, a limo service is perfect for anyone. The flawless service makes you want to experience a limo service again.

6.   Price

Above all, we understand that a limo service is generally more expensive than any other car rentals. However, a limo handles more than a single service for the passenger. Moreover, it is spacious enough to drive more than 10 passengers. This means that the price can be equally divided among passengers – your friends or family. Most importantly, the car service is cost efficient, as more than one person is paying for the facilities that a limo offers – the price is considerably affordable.

7.  Efficiency

Traffic delays, timely detours, and road barriers are obstacles that can be avoided. By using a professional limo service, you get a dedicated staff that is able to track traffic patterns and monitor local traffic reports to make sure that the most efficient route is taken. With a limo service, all you have to worry about is making sure that you have your belongings with you. Every other thing will be handled.

Days like your prom or wedding night only take place once in a lifetime. Therefore, make these events more memorable by gracing them with a limo. One limousine has enough room to hold the bride and her bridal train. It is also large enough for a ladies night out. You are guaranteed of a comfortable ride before and after the event. Additionally, pictures of you arriving in a limousine will look outstanding.

Weigh all the aforementioned benefits against the cost involved in hiring a limo service, and think about what matters to you most. If the benefits outweigh the costs, you know the next thing to do.

Find Out about Limo Hiring Service in Singapore

For those individuals who are seeking to find out more about hiring limo services in Singapore, it is important to do some research using an ample amount of time to prevent any possible hiccups. At ETHOZ Group, we provide a wide spectrum of car rental services – all individually customised to suit customers’ unique needs and requirements. You can find affordable limousine service and chauffeur service in Singapore at ETHOZ Group, giving you complete peace of mind for airport transfers and M.I.C.E events such as corporate travel, conventions and roadshows.  While ensuring your comfort with our polished fleet that are rigorously revolving around safety and security, we perform detailed background screenings of our drivers and ensure they pass extensive in-house conducted safety training courses prior to assignment.

If you ever need any car rental services or financing solutions in Singapore that provides everything you need, you can take a look at our limo car hiring services or simply reach out to a member of our team at contactus@ethozgroup.com to explore the options available to you. If you like reading more of such content, head over to our blog to learn useful tips and case studies that can help your business!

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