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A Beginner’s Guide to Fleet Management in Singapore

If you own businesses in the logistics, construction or food and beverage industries, commercial vehicles are likely to be a pivotal aspect of your daily operations, especially with home deliveries being on the rise in 2020.

However, managing your own fleet of vehicles is not that easy, as there are so many different responsibilities to take care of. Knowing the primary areas of fleet management can go a long way in helping you to handle operations effectively, ensuring safety and better productivity.

Thinking of leasing or buying a fleet? Then keep reading on to discover the 4 fundamental aspects of commercial fleet management.

1. Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of a fleet manager fall under five categories:

  • optimising operational costs
  • vehicle upkeep
  • managing drivers and employees
  • keeping everyone safe
  • maximising efficiency

To make sure that expenses are used wisely, one major aspect that fleet managers have to monitor is fuel usage. They also have to scrutinise the history of repairs and maintenance for every lorry and devise contingency plans for possible accidents and breakdowns. What’s more, fleet managers have come up with rules for safety and health and help to plot better driving routes. Fulfilling these responsibilities keeps the business running smoothly.

2. Considering Your Business Needs

When getting a fleet, it is important to consider the kind and amount of vehicles required by your business. For instance, smaller businesses such as florists only need a few lorries. However, bigger businesses that serve a large client base, let’s say a delivery company, may require larger fleets with vehicles that cater to specific factors such as temperature control, depending on the products dealt with.

After that, you need to decide whether to buy or rent the fleet. Making a purchase to acquire full vehicle ownership comes with a hefty price tag and incurs additional potential risks. Instead, we recommend renting commercial vehicles as it offers you increased flexibility and competitiveness.

At ETHOZ, we lease high-quality commercial vehicles of a wide range of configurations and customisations! For business owners looking to optimise their operations in Singapore, renting a fleet from us comes with numerous benefits. Our fleet management gives dedicated support to your fleets and relieves you of the challenges of monitoring the administrative costs and performance efficiency. Additionally, all commercial vehicles leased from us can depend on 24/7 roadside assistance and replacement vehicles when you need it. You also have the freedom of upgrading your vehicles to get the latest available models when you see fit.

3. Getting Drivers

Hiring and training your drivers is the next essential step. When doing so, there are multiple things to assess about their suitability for the role. You need to ensure that they possess a valid driver’s license for the correct vehicle type, be physically and mentally prepared to drive, possess some experience and have no criminal record.

Following that, sending your drivers for training workshops and classes is a great way to improve their skills and remind them of the factors to take note of whilst on the road. As they spend significantly more time driving than people with other occupations, the re-emphasis on safety and knowledge of the latest industry standards will greatly help not only them but also your business. This is because their performance reflects well on the professionalism of the company.

4. Ensuring Safety

Ensuring high standards of safety and risk management is another vital aspect to take into account. Thousands of people are victims of road accidents from distracted driving every year and you do not want anyone in your company to encounter the same fate! On top of the aforementioned training programmes, teaching employees about first aid and the usage of emergency tools will also go a long way.

To further enhance the safety of your employees, you may want to set up company rules such as wearing seatbelts all the time, avoid tailgating and outline specific steps for them to take if their vehicle breaks down.

Managing Your Commercial Fleet

Managing a commercial fleet is definitely challenging, but if you choose the option to rent, car rental companies have experienced fleet management teams to take some of these responsibilities off your hands. At ETHOZ, our professional relationship managers are here to help fulfil every car rental need! We understand that transportation services are important and are more than willing to guide you through the different considerations when it comes to renting and managing commercial fleets.

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