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A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Commercial Vehicles in Singapore

Most business owners know that a customized commercial vehicle can help to improve efficiency and profitability. Being able to enhance its features can help workers to quickly access more tools and supplies. This can also reduce the time taken for business processes such as making deliveries or simply attending to customer service operations. To find out more about other customisation features, read the article for a comprehensive guide.


Customization of Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to customizing a commercial vehicle, one will look out for components such as the open deck, box, tailgate, freezer, full canopy and half canopy. Simply customizing these features will help to enhance work efficiency and reduce time taken for certain services or operations.

For each customised configuration, we will discuss further about its implications.

Commercial vehicle customization can lead to innovative new functions and uses. It is common for a business to understand that there are many opportunities to work better and smarter by making vehicle alterations. Commercial vehicles can be redesigned and further enhanced according to how you want to work and how you can work your best.

Open Deck

The open deck allows for accessible transportation of tall or compact goods and inventions for space and load optimisation. The open deck can also be customised to suitable materials such as wooden or steel decks. These open decks are usually used in various business industries such as logistics and warehousing, as well as freight forwarding.


If you are looking to customise a commercial vehicle with a box, you are probably working in a company that transports home appliances, furniture, or any medium weighted goods. In this case, you can seek to customise the commercial vehicle with a box such that it has a rear door and side sliding doors.


A commercial vehicle with a tailgate is able to load goods from ground level or a loading dock to the level of the vehicle bed, or both. This is usually essential in industries such as food and beverage business, home appliances, furniture, or any weighted goods. The tailgate of commercial vehicles can be customised based on the types of vehicle model and the loading and unloading requirements. The customization is made such that it helps to meet specific industrial needs.


The freezer of a commercial vehicle is used to maintain suitable temperature for frozen goods and transporting them for the highest level of satisfaction. This is mostly used in food and beverage industries. Some examples include bakeries, confectionery shops, dairy food, agricultural and livestock manufacturers or distributors. Some freezers can be customised to include a good quality stainless steel floor or heavy-duty reinforced flooring and carpeting with high corrosion resistance and durability. Moreover, there are other wide varieties of customisation options such as single or twin compartment, standby generator and thermograph to provide customers with different purposes or choices.

Full and Half Canopy

The canopy commercial vehicles are best suited for transporting passengers and goods. They are good in protecting the transported goods from unfavourable weather conditions. Drivers can customise them in available options of full, half or inter-changeable canopy structures. These canopy vehicles are typically used in labour related works, logistics and warehousing, freight forwarding, construction, as well as food and beverages industries. Some canopy can be redesigned to different lengths and materials to keep your tools dry, secure and in optimal working conditions.

Price of Customization

Depending on what components you are seeking to enhance, the price might differ significantly. Add-in custom modifications to more complex components in larger vehicles such as the compartmentalised freezer box can be pricier. Minor enhancements to commercial vehicles components such as the canopy will be less costly.


Other Solutions

At this point, you might be interested to customize your commercial vehicles. But there are certain obstacles such as the selection of contractors, the vehicle’s inspection and financial cost that you have to bear for the add-ons in order to experience the advanced functions. Moreover, commercial vehicles cannot really be used for personal transportation, unlike private cars.

Thus, we have a reasonable solution for you: rent a commercial vehicle from a professional commercial vehicle rental company with everything ready for you.

Commercial vehicle rental provides the same quality that you’ll receive with vehicle customization, except at an affordable cost. You could even choose a commercial vehicle depending on what specific needs you may have. You can easily select your favourite series and save costs of maintenance fee and eliminate upfront payment for additional commercial vehicle customization features.

You can also choose between a long-term lease, and a short-term rental. If you only use commercial vehicles solely on a few events or currently own a substantial fleet of vehicles, then, it is best for you to just rent it – for convenience and cost efficiency. While meeting unique operational needs, you have kept a rein on cost efficiency.

As one of the top professional providers of affordable automotive services and commercial vehicle rental in Singapore, ETHOZ offers commercial vehicle rental in Singapore to business owners seeking to optimise their operations, where zero downtime, predictable operating costs and controlled cash flow outlay are paramount. We offer customisations for vehicles on long-term lease, and a wide range of pre-customised commercial vehicles for short-term rental.

We pride ourselves in prestigious automobile rental services with all sorts of features and functions to satisfy your needs. It is apparent that our growing strength of customers are constantly benefiting from the quality of our commercial vehicle rental services. Furthermore, the expertise of our fleet management team who provide dedicated efforts and service works has ensured our business to sustain long term relationships with all clients and customers.

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