Commercial Vehicle Rental

At ETHOZ, we provide commercial vehicle rental to businesses seeking to optimise their operations in Singapore. Zero downtime, predictable operating costs and controlled cash flow outlay are paramount. We work with our customers to meet these objectives through short term and long term leasing of commercial vehicles in Singapore.

Apart from the regular Passenger Van Rental, Cargo Van Rental, Pickup Truck Rental and Lorry Rental, we are also able to tailor commercial vehicle rentals of all configurations and customisations to our customers. Examples include and are not limited to Box Truck Rental and Freezer Truck Rental.

Our track record of commercial vehicle rental is evidenced by the growing SME and MNC clientele pool from various industries in Singapore: government linked companies, logistics and warehousing, freight forwarding, construction, food and beverage.

Our Vehicle Types

Commercial Vehicles are used across various industries for diverse uses. Vans can be used for the purposes of carrying passengers or light to heave goods. For 10 to 24 footer trucks, a wide range of upper structures is available. The upper structure of the truck is customizable to different configurations such as box, freezer, open deck, tailgate, half and full canopy. The truck configurations can be selected according to your business needs. A pickup truck offers the best of both worlds with both passenger Commercial Vehicle solutions tailored for your different business needs.

Mid Size Vans

Large Size Vans

10 Footer Trucks

14 to 24 Ft Trucks

Pick Up Trucks

Customised Trucks

Cargo van rental in Singapore provides flexibility and convenience to businesses that need to transport goods quickly and efficiently without needing to purchase and maintain vans. This is especially ideal for businesses that have seasonal and ad-hoc demands but still require reliability and availability on demand. Renting a cargo van is a smart choice because it is fuel-efficient, which means you’re not only getting better mileage for less money, but you’re also helping the environment. Moreover, a cargo van could be easily maneuvered around, perfect for city driving around busy and narrow Singaporean streets. Cargo van rental is also designed with a reinforced, large-size cabin and temperature control, so you have plenty of storage space for both dry and cold cargo. Many small businesses in Singapore choose cargo van rental as their initial vehicle because of its professional look, comfort and powerful capabilities. Regardless of your trade, whether you need to run a fleet of cargo vans or you have ad-hoc requirements, you could depend on ETHOZ for affordable and efficient cargo van rental in Singapore.
Passenger van rental is the perfect option for transporting a group of people comfortably, confidently and safely. The two most common sizes are 12-passenger vans and 15-passenger vans. Passenger van rentals offer a more spacious interior, enough to haul people with even more space for their belongings than a regular van. It is also versatile as the seats could be folded to make room for transporting bulky items that wouldn’t fit into a regular-sized vehicle. Moreover, passenger van rental typically consumes less fuel than cars as they are built for extended trips; this means that you could split your budget on other essentials like toll fees, food, and water.
Our lorry rental service in Singapore comes in different sizes and specifications so you can choose the most suitable vehicle for your commercial needs. Our lorry rental fleet comes in 10 feet, 14 feet, and 24 feet to provide our customers with a wide range of options; they could also choose from our affordable short-term or long-term lorry leases. A lorry is bigger than a standard pickup truck and designed to haul medium to large goods; it may require a specialised license in order to drive them. ETHOZ conducts regular vehicle maintenance to ensure that our lorry rental trucks are working at their most optimal condition for unparalleled customer safety and comfort in Singapore.
Freezer truck rental is used to transport cold chain products across different locations. It is utilised in various industries, usually in restaurants and biopharmaceuticals. Freezer truck rental helps to maintain the freshness of perishable items like meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, a handful of medications, especially vaccines, require a specific temperature range to maintain efficiency. We understand that transporting temperature-sensitive items requires following a strict refrigeration requirement; that is why our cooling systems adhere to the industry standards. Our freezer rental trucks are available in different sizes and could carry up to 24 feet of cargo. Contact us to find the most appropriate refrigerated truck for your business needs.
As indicated in its name, box truck rental involves leasing a cuboid-shaped, four-wheeled commercial vehicle. The most significant difference between a box truck and a cargo van is that a box truck has a separate cabin from the cargo area, in addition to its roll-up rear door, typically seen in storage units. Box trucks are easily the favourite vehicle for moving any type of goods and cargo because their distinctive straight sides allow movers to fit large and oddly-shaped items like sofa, cabinets, and refrigerators. Moreover, businesses wouldn’t need to think about any interruption or downtime due to bad weather thanks to its box truck frame that securely protects their items even from the harshest weather conditions. While they are usually used for moving bulky items, box truck rental still comes in different sizes. Let us help you in deciding the best box truck rental for your business necessities.
Our affordable pick-up truck rental service is perfect for moving items that wouldn’t fit in a regular car. Renting a pick-up truck is preferred by many due to its versatility, durability, safety records, and unique storage solutions. You could choose what to get from two kinds of pick-up truck rentals depending on your budget, the items you will move, and the type of terrain. A compact pick-up truck has a smaller engine, lower tailgate, and is more compatible with on-road driving. In contrast, a full-sized pick-up truck rental has a larger storage capacity, more powerful torque, and can easily handle off-road driving. Regardless of their sizes, both pick-up trucks have good fuel economy and provide a more luxurious feel than a standard truck rental — another reason why many choose to rent a pick-up truck. ETHOZ has an extensive fleet of well-maintained pick-up trucks that could surely handle all your commercial trucking needs.


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Maximise Efficiency of Labour Resources

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