Brand Mascot

Evo the Eagle
represents the
culmination of
our EVO-lution.

A stalwart in the automotive industry since 1981, ETHOZ was originally established providing car rental services. Sensing potential for long term vehicle leasing, we evolved our services to provide vehicle leasing options for corporate customers. With the rapid expansion of our fleet as a result, ETHOZ further established an automotive servicing arm and successfully evolved into a full-fledged comprehensive one stop automotive solutions provider.

Recognising the limited potential and price swings in Singapore’s automotive industry, ETHOZ further evolved its business portfolio once again and diversified into the equipment leasing and capital financing markets in 2000, further expanding into China and Malaysia in 2008 and 2016 respectively. Over the years, ETHOZ has evolved continuously to become a major player within its diversified areas of business.

Today ETHOZ has evolved from a simple car rental company to a major player within the automotive leasing and financial services markets, two mutually distinct industries serving very different needs.

Introducing Evo The Eagle
The eagle, ruler of the skies and chief over all winged creatures is often portrayed as a leader who is sharp, swift, visionary and strong. This represents ETHOZ’s position in the market. Being the market leader in integrated automotive and financing solutions, we continue to strive for excellence to remain at the forefront of an ever evolving economy with evolving needs.

Design Consideration
The name Evo originates from the word“Evolution”,it represents our evolution since our establishment in 1981 and our eagerness to grow and diversify.

Evo is designed with our corporate colours, white and blue, in mind as an extension of our brand identity. Featuring colours that are highly associated with our brand, Evo the Eagle resonates our values and unique identity to engage our stakeholders in a positive and friendly manner.

The “O” strikethrough found at the belly of Evo represents a tribute to our original company name when we first started in1981– Orient Car Leasing Pte Ltd. With the same “O” strikethrough design incorporated underneath its eyes, we aspire to be a forward-looking company with a deep appreciation for our roots.

Eagles are typically portrayed as majestic creatures that rule high above the skies. Evo however, is designed with approachability in mind with its rounded design and soft edges. Our customers are our top priority and ETHOZ strives to be flexible and sensitive to our client’s needs, communicated through Evo’s friendly and approachable stance.

As ETHOZ continues to grow and evolve further in future, Evo the Eagle shall represent our values, our strengths and our commitment to all our stakeholders. At ETHOZ, It’s All About Value!