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How Borrowing with High Interest Costs can Kill Businesses

Businesses need financial funding to be able to progress successfully in the marketplace. However, loans will add up and too much borrowing can lead to more liabilities for the business. Business loans are a popular or famous choice for new startup businesses besides opening a line of credit or corporate credit cards. The amount of loans borrowed differ in loan companies, with different interest rates. Thus, some rare cases involve businesses keeping themselves out of financial risk by getting investment from family and friends. That being said, we will understand in this comprehensive article about how borrowing business loans with high interest rates will slowly kill businesses.


Why Do Businesses Take Loans? Cash Flow

The first reason for borrowing is the cash flow that a business needs. When a business starts to operate, the profit, capital and revenue are generally low and cannot cover much of the normal expenses. Moreover, the business needs to offer salary for employee and personal expenditures – especially if the wages or salaries need to be paid punctually. Apart from its personal expenditures on labour, the business would need to pay for its rent, utilities, insurance and other significant regular expenses that are norms of a business operations. These can be covered by a business loan such as a working capital loan.


Potential Expansion

Your business is already doing well, and it has garnered much attention and awareness in the market. Thus, the demand for your products or services have significantly increased. What happens next is the potential business expansion that you need and this comes with new additional expenses. If your company has outgrown its current potential capacity and it requires a bigger space, that means more rental, maintenance and operational fees. This would mean that you need to receive more funds to meet the increased demand for your product or services, through a business loan like a term loan. Moreover, you have to obtain the funds to pay for manufacturing costs, hire new employees – causing an increase in funding. Thus, the amount of funds you have borrowed would also differ and depends on the extent and type of interest rates inputted.


Disadvantages of High Interest Loans from Borrowing

Once the business has started on its borrowing and once it starts to accumulate, the loans become extremely large till the business owner finally notices how bad the situations are. It is then difficult to recover and pay from a large amount of debt. The recovery process would take some time for the business due to its incredible large amount accumulated from high interest rates.

Firstly, the business is legally and ethically obligated to pay back the principal borrowed from the loan company along with its interest amount. Businesses that are already suffering from cash flow problems may then face a difficult time of repaying the money with its incremental and additional cost of high interests. If the principal cannot be paid on time, there will be punishment or penalties that are given to these companies.

Moreover, the previous point will lead to how debt or loan financing will affect the credit rating of a business. If the company or business is known to have a significantly greater amount of debt than equity or capital financing, it is then considered risky. What happens next is that a company with a lower credit rating generally will have to pay a higher interest rate to attract investors to invest in their business. And this means that the company or business who have to pay more interest may even experience a potential cash flow problem in the near future.

Thus, the business or company that seeks to obtain debt financing must meet the lender’s cash requirement, which means that they need to have sufficient cash on hand. And if they require even more funding in future, but still have outstanding debts, the business might potentially shut down and still have debts owing on hand. This is not an ideal situation, especially if the interest rate is extremely high. Thus, it is difficult for businesses depending on debt financing for further cash support. Some companies or businesses may even have to put up collateral to qualify for financing. And it is quite embarrassing to be owing a huge amount of debt, in an industry full of successful businesses.


How to Move Forward

At this point, we believe that you have understood the impact of having high interest rate borrowing from loan companies. What’s important for you then is to find a professional, reliable and affordable financing provider for your business.

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