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Should You Rent A Car in Singapore: The Pros & Cons to Consider

Overview of Car Rental
When you rent a car, the company providing you the car is known as the car rental service provider, whereas you become the hirer. An individual can rent a car for travelling in the outside place. While utilising a car rental service, you can rent the vehicle for a specific period of time.


Car Rental in Singapore

Although we can travel to almost everywhere in Singapore using our remarkable public transport, we still love to rent a car for the convenience, business purpose, or just a simple reason – enjoying the air-con in our sunny island. And renting a car in Singapore is pretty easy because there is a huge range of car renting service providers including sophisticated international companies like Budget or Hertz.

The cost of car rental services differs significantly in Singapore – famous companies are definitely more expensive. Fortunately, Singapore has plenty of affordable car rental providers, so you’ve got many options.


Pros of Car Rental in Singapore

Many individuals feel that it is beneficial to rent a vehicle especially during an excursion for work or family. It is also convenient to rent a car when your vehicle is under repair/in the workshop for a particular time frame. To sum up, there are quite a few advantages of car rental in Singapore.


1. Affordable Cost

The cost of renting a car is a small amount as compared to the expense of purchasing your own vehicle. The overall cost of owning a vehicle in Singapore is incredibly high (including additional cost of road tax and COE). Car rental is a more cost-effective option if you do not intend to drive the vehicles constantly.

Short term car rentals can save you from the worries of maintenance fee and depreciation loss (wear and tear). If you don’t need a car everyday and tend to use it on special occasions only, it is best for you to just rent it to save yourself from unnecessary cost burden of insurance fee, servicing and Ministry of Transport test car inspection (MOTS).


2. Accessibility

There are many car rental companies out there with remarkable services. A good car rental company will give you access to a stunning variety of different cars and types. Depending on your preferences, you can observe the available options and pick your favourite car.

Although you may say buying a car also gives you unlimited choice, renting allows you to drive for shorter term needs, and readily access and switch to different vehicle types based on how your needs change—instead of being stuck with the same car you bought. Plus, if you’ve ever aspired to drive a higher-end luxury car that you can’t afford to buy, you can get a chance to experience it at a much more affordable price by renting it—without having to worry about monthly car instalments after!


3. Convenience

If you are hoping to spend an excursion or occasions within the city, you have the opportunity to rent a vehicle conveniently for the short term. Doubtless to say, car rental is extremely essential if you don’t have a car and you’re planning for a road trip, family hangouts or business trips in Singapore.

Unlike travelling on public transport, you can stop anytime to admire any local sights with your friends or family members. Travelling with other strangers in a public transport will only allow you to see sights in a limited view and communication. While riding on a rented car, you can also define your own route or take alternative ones conveniently.

Thus, it is safe to say that travelling in a rented car gives you convenience and more time to admire the sights with your beloved ones. There is a certain effect of adrenaline when you are driving on your own.


4. Comfort & Fun

Renting a car allows you take your wild adventures at your own pace without being dictated by bus and train times. Sometimes, travelling on public transport can be a hassle if your plan doesn’t go smoothly.

Travelling on a car is faster and more accessible as compared to walking, taking buses or trains. Renting a car also offers you the comfort to move around flexibly; you can dance along with the familiar tune on the radio, talk to your friends or family members in a natural tone that you want or relax and be as comfortable as you want.


Cons of Car Rental in Singapore

While there are many advantages for renting a car, it also comes with their cons.


1. Strict Rental Terms and Conditions

Some rental car companies might have a policy with stringent conditions. This is implemented so that hirers are more careful in using the vehicles.

At the end of the rental agreement, you must return the vehicle in its original condition. This means that you must take good care of the car.


2. No Rebates Entitlement

Hirers are not entitled to benefits of Car Ownership, for example rebates such as PARF rebates. PARF rebates are only for cars not more than 10 years old and taxis not more than 8 years old.

The newer your car or taxi is when you deregister, the more PARF rebates you will get to enjoy. To enjoy the PARF rebate, you must meet the eligibility criteria of owning a car (doesn’t apply to rentals).


3. Only Authorised Drivers Allowed

Only named and authorised drivers can drive the rented cars. If you intend to have more than one person driving the car, it is compulsory to add an additional named driver into the rental contract. A small additional fee will be charged for insurance coverage. Unlike a purchased car where any family member with a driving license can drive at any point in time, driving arrangements must be made beforehand for a rented car. These are additional procedures that drivers need to go through before renting the car.



Car ownership in Singapore can be rather expensive and complex. The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is also a formidable barrier to entry for the average consumer. However, your need for convenience and accessibility can be met by car rental services in Singapore.

ETHOZ Group is a professional car rental company in Singapore with 40 years of experience. With professional services and affordable pricing, rest assured that you will have a smooth and safe trip to your destination. We provide professional car rental in Singapore with a fleet of readily available and reliable vehicles at competitive rates to meet all our customers’ needs and customisable wants. Speak to our friendly team at 66547788 or drop us an enquiry at to explore the car rental options available to you.

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