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The Best Private Hire Cars to Use in Singapore

Becoming a private hire driver is an increasingly popular profession in Singapore. Whether it’s to enjoy the flexibility it gives to your personal schedule, to earn a decent take-home salary, or to become your own boss, the profession is undoubtedly attractive to many.

Of course, you’d need to have a car for this purpose. If you don’t already have one, private hire car rental is the next best option for you — especially if this is just a temporary job to tide you over or if the complex car ownership process is just something you’re not ready for! In this article, we round up our best tips for choosing the best private hire car rental in Singapore!

1. Consider Your Customers’ Needs

As a private hire driver, ensuring the safety of your passengers is a responsibility that’ll fall on your shoulders. Taking extra precautions to ensure no one’s safety is compromised is just as important as having a clean and comfortable car for your passengers! Having added safety features on stand-by can give you peace of mind for safe travels ahead.

The Toyota Corolla Altis — one of the available models in our car fleet — can accommodate up to 4 passengers and comes with brake assist functions such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD). These functions can help to minimize the risk of sudden jerks, keeping you and your rider free from unwanted consequences.

Should you require additional space, rear seats can be folded to accommodate customers who might need extra space to put their groceries and bags!


2. Commuting in Comfort

Personal comfort is an investment worth making, especially when you spend most of your time chauffeuring people around from one place to another. Having a little more legroom in the car can make your journeys much smoother and keeps your body from aches and fatigue at the end of the day!

If you spend most of your day driving in a car, you might be prone to getting backaches from being seated for long periods of time. As compared to its’ predecessor, the Mazda 3 comes with improved interior features for more lateral support.

The cushion of the driver’s seat is much bigger with lower cushions long enough to accommodate taller drivers as well. Better yet, the back of the front seat has been redesigned to support you with a more natural sitting position when you drive. At $50/day, you can enjoy a cozy driving experience while protecting your back as you drive throughout the day!

There’s also more room for your passengers. Passenger seats and cargo capacities are larger, which means they need not worry about getting stuffy in the car if they carry along excess baggage!

3. Consider Your Intended Driving Duration

If you intend to drive very frequently over long hours, it can be worth going for a more fuel-efficient option to save you some bucks along the way. Though the differences may seem minor at first, just factor in all the hours you spend driving, and you’ll see a huge difference in your petrol bills at the end of the day!

Slightly more compact in size than the Mazda 3, The Mazda 2 — one of our available models in our car rental fleet — is also the most economical option that costs just $45/day.

Designed with a SKYACTIV® engine, the Mazda 2 is fuel-efficient and kinder to the environment. It comes with decent body control as well, making the driving experience perfect for long-distance cruising.

If you get caught up in traffic, there’s also an “I-Stop” function that can automatically stop the car’s engine when it is not in use and resumes it thereafter when it is time to drive. This way, you save on both fuel and money along the way too!

Renting vs Buying a Car in Singapore for Private Hire Drivers

As mentioned previously, buying a car may not be a suitable option for those seeking this profession as a short-term gig. The car ownership process in Singapore is very tedious, and also comes with hefty price tags attached to the Certificate of Entitlement (CoE).

Furthermore, the true cost of owning a car doesn’t end there! It includes maintenance, insurance, repairs and more. Hence, renting a car in Singapore is most often the best option for private hire drivers.

Renting a Private Hire Car in Singapore

With these tips in mind for choosing a private hire car, now it’s time to actually find a provider! Our private car rental service at ETHOZ boasts years of experience in the automotive industry and we are equipped to provide you with attractive rental packages that have fixed rental rates and refundable deposits.

From as little as $45 a day, our cars feature unlimited mileage and even regular servicing included at our professional car workshops to ensure that your rented car is in perfect condition not only for your safety as a driver but also for your passengers’ comfort.

At ETHOZ, our rental packages are inclusive of motor insurance, maintenance and road tax. In addition, you get to earn an incentive by signing a 6-month rental contract! Find out more about our private hire car rental service or simply reach out to a member of our team at to explore our options available to you. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, our blog offers more tips and articles that can help you with a variety of topics such as automotive and rental solutions, as well as financing for equipment leasing!

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