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Understanding different needs for MICE Chauffeur Service

M.I.C.E events is an acronym for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. These events are business-focused and held for tradespeople in industry specific fields such as aviation, logistics, medical and construction, for example. It brings together large groups of people in related trade areas for the purpose of facilitating business interactions, establishing market presence and broadening commercial networks. With a large number of people gathered in one place, a whole slew of services, logistics, accomodation and other essentials need to be catered for, it is an important subsegment of business travel that complements many other industries. There are also additional knock on effects that benefit the travel industry as it can involve a leisure component.


To visiting participants in a foreign country, transportation can be tricky and the last thing a business traveller should be bogged down with is commuting and navigation. This makes transport arrangements amongst the key factors for a successful MICE event.


More Than a Chauffeur Rental Service

At first glance arranging transportation for an event should be relatively straightforward. One would think that any and all transportation needs would be easy to satisfy by engaging a chauffeur rental service. However, there are several other important considerations aside from just going from point A to B that have to be thought through. For one, there is the question of  how many guests are travelling together or if there are VIPs that require different service levels. Depending on the number and importance of these individuals, they could ride together which makes things easier or have to travel separately which would take more coordination. If there are especially distinguished guests, private transportation might have to be provided for each individual. There might also be special preferences and other logistical requirements  to think about such as bottled water or in-car internet availability.


If your guests are coming from abroad, getting to and from the airport could be something to think about. Apart from making sure the vehicle is available at the required arrival and departure times, there also has to be sufficient space for luggage. This might necessitate different models of cars on different days, such as a sedan like a Mercedes on the days of the event and a van on the first and last day when more carrying capacity is needed.


During event days all the critical considerations come into play. Schedules and being at the right place at the right time are paramount, especially if one has meetings, demonstrations or even workshops to attend, whether as a presenter, trainer or just a participant. There could be multiple venues to shuttle between or meal time arrangements to take note of. 


Often, MICE events make some time for entertainment. These could take place after working hours and the chauffeur rental company would have to be consulted on whether after office hours chauffeur services can be arranged. Being able to communicate with the chauffeur in such situations might be important and so ensuring that he can speak with the client in a common language should be another aspect to think about.


With ecological issues having entered the collective consciousness in recent times, ‘sustainability’ is a perennial watch word in every industry, even the MICE one. Through careful planning and logistical coordination, carbon emissions and air pollution can be reduced significantly. The Singapore Tourism Board has even prepared a set of environmentally friendly regulations1 specifically aimed at the MICE industry to achieve this. The guidelines list out different actions of varying complexity that can be adopted, such as renting vehicles that are fuel economical or consolidating pick up amongst several guests.


There are also constantly evolving challenges that affect the MICE industry and the transportation sector that supports it such as the ongoing pandemic. There needs to be plans that accommodate mandatory quarantines for inbound passengers from any given country when it becomes required. There could also be scenarios where guests need to receive medical attention.


Better to leave it to the Chauffeur Rental Professionals

As it outlined above, negotiating the different needs for MICE chauffeur services can be a painstaking endeavour to handle alone. In such a case, it may be better to leave it to the professionals. Engaging a company that provides chauffeur services puts the minutiae in the hands of experienced professionals, thereby ensuring the comfort, punctuality and safety of the passengers. 


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