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Why Your Business Should Lease Commercial Vehicles

It’s no secret that Singapore has become an epicentre when it comes to business opportunities– and this is true in a wide range of sectors. Companies from far and wide have begun to open headquarters within the region as a way to expand their business across ASEAN and Asia.

However, what many business owners don’t realise is the importance of having access to high-quality vehicles. Integrating the use of commercial vehicle rental in Singapore can have many benefits for your business–here are 6 major reasons your business in Singapore should lease commercial vehicles!

1. Leasing Offers Flexibility

Businesses should always aim to adhere to a strict budget, and purchasing a fleet of commercial vehicles may not be the most budget-friendly option depending on your situation–especially given the high cost of vehicles in Singapore!

Instead of buying your fleet, consider van rental in Singapore as a flexible alternative instead. With leasing, you don’t own the vehicle, and it’s yours to use during the dates specified in your contract. So if your business needs vans for mid to long-term purposes, this is definitely the way to go.

Not to mention, leasing also gives you the added flexibility in growing your business by expanding your fleet. When your leasing expires, you have flexibility in upgrading the vehicle, which is suitable for those with business expansion plans in the works.

At the end of your lease, it’s up to you whether you want to renew your contract or not. And if you decide to renew your lease, you may even opt for an entirely new fleet of vans and cars for an extremely cost-effective rate.

2. Vehicle Leasing Is an Affordable Solution

Singapore is one of the most expensive places to own a single vehicle, let alone an entire commercial fleet. It’s essential to find ways to save money when it comes to obtaining commercial vans or automobiles, and many business owners quickly learn that leasing is the most affordable answer.

Buying a vehicle in Singapore usually requires a down payment. That’s not pocket change. However, if you opt for renting vans in Singapore instead, you can get a much better deal by avoiding this huge down payment cost. This can be especially important for SMEs in Singapore that are looking to expand their operations.

Another benefit of leasing is that you can easily find a price point that fits your budget, and you can even alter the length or terms of your lease to meet your company’s usage. For example, you can choose to rent your commercial vehicles for a short-term or long-term period, depending on your needs.

This will save you any sunk cost you might otherwise incur from having to invest in purchasing a fleet of commercial vehicles on your own. Not to mention, vehicles always come with upkeep costs, even if they’re not actively being used all the time! So don’t just consider the initial cost outlay, factor in all the associated costs of owning a vehicle in Singapore.

3. Eliminates Maintenance

Like we mentioned earlier, owning a vehicle requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep—all of which comes at a considerably hefty price. And if you run a company, having a fleet of vans can potentially set your bank account in the red. An easy solution to this dilemma is to rent your commercial vehicles from a service provider you can trust.

For instance, at ETHOZ, our commercial vehicle rental service is designed to help you meet your business objectives. We quality assure all our vehicles to ensure that they’re running as they should so you don’t have to worry about constant upkeep while preventing possible breakdowns. Maintenance of the vehicles is included in the rental package which essentially translates to zero maintenance cost on your part. It is also a worry-free option as you do not need to go out of the way to source for maintenance quotes on your own!

Consider this: the more well-maintained your fleet, zero maintenance costs and downtime incurred.

Our team can also help you monitor and manage operating administrative costs, and performance efficiency.

4. Commercial Vehicle Support

The last thing you want is for your van to break down in the middle of a workday–but these things are unavoidable when you’re busy running a business! Even the best vehicles sometimes have problems, and if you own your fleet, you’ll have to find a way to get out of this sticky situation yourself.

But renting your vans and commercial vehicles can often come with supporting services such as roadside assistance, which means less operational and financial stress on your business! At ETHOZ, we provide 24/7 help to our customers as and when the need arises, so not to worry!

5. Save Time to Focus on Core Aspects of Business

As a business owner, there is already so much on your plate, with various administrative matters to tend to. Leasing your fleet means that you can spend more time productively — managing the different core aspects of your business while leaving tasks such as planning and scheduling of maintenance of the vehicles to ETHOZ.

As we mentioned earlier, ETHOZ’s fleet management team dedicates their time to monitoring the rental fleet’s operations and performance efficiency. This eliminates the need for you to assign headcount to manage maintenance — a time and cost-effective option for your business!

6. Replacement Ready

Reducing vehicle downtime is always a concern for business owners as it invariably incurs cost. Minimizing this downtime is one of the ways business owners seek to optimise their operations. Luckily ETHOZ provides replacement services for you at your convenience — one of the perks of renting commercial vehicles!

ETHOZ has a ready replacement fleet at their disposal which will definitely reduce the vehicle downtime for your business in the case where your vehicle needs to be replaced or sent for maintenance. In the case of scheduled maintenance, a replacement vehicle will definitely be provided so as not to disrupt your daily operations. In the unfortunate case of a breakdown, a replacement will be arranged for you as soon as a suitable replacement vehicle is available.

Rent Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Renting commercial vehicles in Singapore definitely comes with tons of benefits for your business, but before you decide to lease any vehicles in the long term, always check in on what your rental company has to offer! But if you’re still struggling to decide on a commercial vehicle rental provider to work with, don’t hesitate to give our team at ETHOZ a call at 6654 7773 or drop us an email at today!

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