2024 Chinese New Year Car Rental Package

Counting down to the Lunar Chinese New Year! Our long-awaited CNY Car Rental Promotion is here again and various car types and models are available while stocks last. 

Rental rates start from $738*. Find out more details with us and start planning your CNY trips early!

 *T&Cs apply

Festival Celebrations

We celebrated various festivals such as Deepavali and Hari Raya with our multi-ethnic colleagues too!

Harnessing the Power of the Sun in Singapore


With the global economy recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world, including Singapore, have been facing headwinds of high inflation of basic goods and necessities due to heightened demand and scarcity of resources. Being a resource-scarce country, Singapore needs to import most of our daily essentials, including energy needs. As a small trading country, Singapore is also vulnerable to supply shocks caused by geopolitical tensions, therefore we were greatly impacted by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war that drove oil prices to soar and hence the surge in electricity prices. 

Solar Energy Potential:

In Singapore, approximately 95% of electricity is produced using natural gas, one of the cleanest fossil fuels but whose prices have skyrocketed tremendously amid the global energy crunch. Despite our geographical constraints, Singapore aims to increase our solar capacity to reduce reliance on imported energy sources and lower carbon emissions. Fortunately, Singapore is located near the equator where there is abundant sunlight all year round, therefore Solar energy will be our best renewable energy source that is infinite and will not create harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 



What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy works by converting energy from the Sun into power, through the use of Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels which contain semiconductor materials that can generate direct current (DC) electricity when exposed to sunlight. To make this electricity usable for homes and businesses, an inverter is used to convert the DC electricity into alternating current (AC), which is the type of electricity used in most electrical systems. 

Solar power can be generated in various scales, from small rooftop installations to large solar farms that produce electricity for the grid. After several years of R&D and test-bedding, we are now home to one of the world’s largest floating solar systems at Tengah Reservoir, with a capacity of 60 megawatt-peak generated by 122,000 solar panels. Advancements in solar technology have been instrumental in making solar power more efficient and accessible now. These breakthroughs not only make solar power more cost-effective but also enhance its viability as a mainstream energy source. Furthermore, as Solar energy generation is not affected by the spike in natural gas prices and is infinitely generated by the Sun in a tropical country like Singapore, it is definitely cheaper than buying from the public electricity grid.    

ETHOZ Solar Ltd

Echoing Singapore’s sustainability efforts, ETHOZ started Solar PV leasing services in China from as early as 2016. To date, we have served more than 300 live contracts and generated electrical capacity of up to 300MWP in China.

In 2022, Solar PV leasing services (https://www.ethozgroup.com/solar-energy/) was also added to our existing range of services and solutions in Singapore. ETHOZ Solar Ltd firmly believes in the concept of monetising rooftops and making them work hard for customers, instead of idling the rooftops away. With solar panels installed on rooftops, electricity generated from the solar panels during the day help to meet the business’s electrical needs. Excess electricity that is not consumed will then be sold back to the grid, reducing the electricity bills thus improving the business’s profitability. Companies also build trust and credibility with their stakeholders when they commit to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and stay aligned with the Government’s Sustainability objectives.

ETHOZ’s Solar Ltd (ESL) Package

Embarking on ETHOZ’s solar energy journey with us is relatively easy in 3 simple steps:

1. Design and approval of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
2. Construction and installation of solar panels on customers’ rooftops
3. Commission and enjoy savings from the new electricity tariff

The solar-generated electricity will be sold to customers at a discounted tariff for a period of 10 years defined in the PPA. ESL will bear the full system cost of operations and maintenance from start to end. After the contractual period ends, the full solar system will be transferred to customers at no cost and they will not need to pay any electrical tariff to ESL thereafter.

Benefits of ESL’s PPA:

        ESL: Quality accredited and professional one-stop service provider

      No upfront capital investment

      Better rate of electricity from ESL compared to buying from retailer

      Rooftop assessment done by ESL

      Hassle-free installation of Solar PV system done at customers’ premise with minimal disruption to customers’ business

      Short agreement period of 10 years with 0 maintenance cost

      EV charging solution provided in PPA

      Ownership of Solar PV system after 10 years and enjoy full benefits

Find out more information at https://www.ethozgroup.com/solar-energy/  and get in touch with us for your Solar energy enquiries. Enjoy infinite renewable energy source with great cost savings and partner with us to contribute to global sustainability today!

Is Equipment Rental Right For Your Company?

A company’s equipment is akin to the nuts and bolts of its business. Without it, innovation and ideas, labour and raw materials cannot achieve its full productive potential. Operations come to a standstill, and a company ultimately cannot provide goods and services to customers that help drive sales revenues. Since equipment delivers these benefits to a company over many years of use, it is classified as a long-term asset. They are tangible and illiquid, and depending on the nature of the business, can range widely from items such as computer hardware and software that cost just a few thousand dollars to multi-million-dollar investments in heavy machinery such as marine vessels or real estate. The upfront costs of owning the equipment are substantial and may appear daunting to any enterprise.

A way to fund a company’s acquisition of essential equipment is taking a loan. A loan allows the business to own an asset with less upfront costs but the unfortunate thing is that equipment loans typically do not cover the full cost of the purchase price. Moreover, a financing loan is not guaranteed and is generally dependent on background checks and credit history of the applicant.


Withstanding all of the above mentioned, equipment rental could well be a very viable and attractive alternative. Equipment rental takes away the high front-loaded cost of acquisition and spreads it over a defined period of time, making it more affordable and faster to procure crucial equipment than saving up or taking a loan. Therefore, renting often improves a company’s cash flow, freeing it up for other more important activities or in some cases, even help to maintain solvency. Furthermore, with the acceleration of technological advancements, the latest equipment may soon be overtaken by newer, better models over a short period of time. Obsolescence is a valid concern when purchasing but one that can be greatly discounted when renting – the latest models can be rented whenever they are developed instead of constantly making costly investments by chasing after the latest models. Likewise, renting also makes it easier to scale and a lot less financially onerous. Maintenance, repairs and even insurance are also often included within the rental fee. Equipment rental not only improves accessibility but also takes away most of the potential worries that an owner faces. Renting is also a good way to have greater flexibility. Depending on the rental company, rental durations can be tailored according to a customer’s needs. Discontinuing the rental is also much easier than selling off equipment when it is no longer needed.

Here are the advantages of Equipment rental that ETHOZ can offer you for your business.


What types of Equipment does ETHOZ rent?

We rent Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) such as Boom Lift and Scissor Lift, and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) such as Forklift and Reach Truck. Our equipment is sourced from well-established and industry-proven manufacturers.

Some jobs require different types of equipment at different stages of a project. It is uneconomical to purchase an equipment for a particular job and keeping it after completion. This is especially so for the construction and the built environment trade. Rental of equipment gives companies greater flexibility with operational planning and resource allocation of projects. You do not have to worry about finding storage space for the equipment.


Boom Lift

Latest range of Equipment

Equipment manufacturers are constantly upgrading to introduce technology and innovation to ensure their products stay relevant to market demands. We are regularly updating and renewing our equipment fleet for our customers to take advantage of safer and more efficient models. ETHOZ understands the importance of staying ahead of the technology curve.

No Equipment disposal loss

Purchasing an equipment will lock yourself with an equipment that you may need to hold for years due to disposal loss potential. This results in companies holding on to their equipment for too long with the risk of technological obsolescence.

Low capital and fixed costs
When you rent an equipment, you do not need to make a large up-front payment which helps your business maintain a healthy cash flow. By having smaller monthly payments, your company has better liquidity, leaving you with more money to fund other important areas of your business. Rental allows you to keep your costs fixed over the period of the hire. This can help you with budget planning and make forecasts more accurately.

Maintenance and repairs
Equipment breaking down and spending unpredictable amount of money to get it fixed is a nightmare for most businesses. The ordering of spare parts, hoping third-party maintenance contractors are price-reasonable and all the related arrangements are extremely time-consuming and costly for companies. ETHOZ will take care of everything for your business such as maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs, eliminating your stress and down-time.

Inspections and regulations
As an owner of an equipment, you are required to maintain the equipment in a good working order. Equipment such as Boom Lift and Scissor Lift must be thoroughly examined by a M.O.M. accredited Authorised Examiner every six months. This is not a straight-forward arrangement. You will need to set up appointments, allocate staff, prepare related documents, testing areas and equipment. Again, all of these hassles will be well taken care of by ETHOZ.

No depreciation
An equipment will depreciate over time and usually experiences extremely steep depreciation during the first three years of ownership. It is possible for a relatively new equipment to break down beyond economical repair, which you may need to sell the equipment below book value, registering a loss. With rental, you do not need to worry about these onerous issues.

Renting your equipment from ETHOZ
ETHOZ is the preferred equipment rental provider for many customers because of our proven track records in professionalism and aftersales support. We have a wide range of equipment from well-established brands with different specifications to suit your requirements.

Armed with decades of experience and reputed customer service, you can be assured of the best service in the industry with your business needs being well taken care of from start to end. Our 24-hour service response time are peerless in the industry. Our team of well-trained service professionals are all based in-house as we firmly believe that you cannot outsource responsibility and responsiveness for our customers’ business. With ETHOZ, you are in good hands and you can set your mind at ease.

Last but not least, another important consideration is choosing a rental company that can cater to all your needs. Taking the time to pick a reputable company that offers a level of service can make the business partnership a pleasant experience over a long period of time, just as choosing the wrong one would result in wasted time and lost profits. At ETHOZ, flexibility, reliability, 24/7 service assistance and equipment quality forms the cornerstone of our rental business. Equipment stock of Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) such as Scissor Lift and Boom Lifts are kept up to date and in immaculate working order. Only equipment from established manufacturers are made available for rental. The equipment is also regularly tested to meet stringent safety standards by certified professionals ensuring that due care is not compromised and that all steps are taken to minimise client downtime. Ever dependable, our professional team of specialists in operations, technical support, sales and 24/7 service assistance are always ready to alleviate any issues. Rental contracts can be long-term or as short as a few days. Urgent last-minute requirements can also be accommodated if stock is available. All of these and more make renting with ETHOZ a hassle-free affair and frees up time for business owners to focus on their business priorities.


Equipment rental for business operations is definitely a wise decision for any company regardless of industries. The current fast changing customer demands, market trends and business environment favour corporations that are nimble and lean. Constant upgrading of business equipment and improvement of operational functions are no longer considered as unique selling prepositions, but necessary to stay competitive and maintain relevancy in the market.

Solar Energy is the way forward to Sustainability- the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available!

Through the use of Solar panels, otherwise known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, Solar energy is converted from sunlight. This power generates limit-less electricity whereby you can use it immediately or even store it for future use. With our years of experience in Solar PV leasing services, let us guide you through an easy and hassle-free journey towards Sustainability. Harness the power of Sun and enjoy long-term cost savings for your Electricity bills! 

Speak to us today to find out more!

Loan Services For Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a brilliant business idea? Don’t let financial constraints hold you back!

ETHOZ Capital provides the boost you need to kick start your venture. With tailored financing options and professional guidance, we are here to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and help you achieve success!

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HR Trainings

HR trainings are conducted for staff so that they are briefed on code of conduct, as well as the company’s mission/ value for a smooth onboarding process.

Year End Company Retreat

ETHOZ believes in resting to prepare for a longer journey ahead. We work hard and play hard. Company retreats are always a good way for staff to mingle around and bond with colleagues.